My First DIY Makeover Project

As I was packing up things this week I ran across some old pictures.   Don’t laugh but I wanted to share with you my very first DIY Furniture makeover project.

The Coffee Table

The first was this super awesome, heavy as heck coffee table.  It was circa 1992.  We were newlyweds and ready to take on the world with our gorgeous hand-me-down furniture!  We lived on a military base in California in a one bedroom 500 square foot apartment.  I don’t have a before shot of the table but it was my husband’s that he used in his frat house and was destroyed by who knows what!  It had candle wax ALL OVER the top and nicks and chips everywhere.   I remember sanding it by hand bit by bit, for days-weeks-months and then refinished it with a dark walnut color.

I had no formal training in refinishing but watched my parents time and time again refinish and reupholster pieces in our own home while I was growing up. I was pretty proud of it for years until in 1995 when my first-born bumped her forehead on the corner and was horribly bruised up by it.  It scared me to death that I immediately got rid of the table and didn’t replace it for many years!  I guess that’s why I was proud some 20-something years later when I finally found my “Grown Up Tables“.   Remember them from This Post

The Orange Couch

The lovely orange couch was gifted from my parents for me to use as my college furniture.  It actually started out as a black leather sofa that my parents reupholstered for our front “Formal Living Room” sometime while I was in elementary school.  Remember that room that you are not allowed to use except on special occasions like the silly Easter morning picture pose or to practice the piano?   Anyway, I do remember that mom had it all coordinated with the rest of the 70’s/early 80’s decor and bright colored wallpaper so in the scheme of things it was pretty hip for the times. 
And there is the AFTER!  Wow!  Like I was any better than mom and dad in my choice of fabrics.  I DO have to let you know that we lived over seas for two years in Guam and there was only ONE store that carried fabrics on the entire island, so this was the best of the pickins’ at the time! 1994!  Seems like so long ago.  No cell phones, no internet with online tutorials and very few places to shop.  The best shopping spree for our little military family was the JC Penney’s Catalog and that wasn’t very cost effective since we were located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!  Again, didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  I just dove right in and tore apart the couch and put it back together step by step on my own, just praying it would turn out okay!
I liked it and we were very proud of it. 
Looks like Casey the Cat was pretty pleased as well!
Thank goodness I have come a long way in my home decor! 
We all have to start out somewhere, right?
I hope mom and dad are proud!
Did you have a fabulous weekend?  Are you ready for the week ahead? 
I will be busy packing!


  1. Maureen

    It's always fun to see the transition in taste over the years!

  2. Christine from MyMilkGlass

    we miss you!!!!

  3. Rita

    Oh jeez, this brings back memories of my own. I remember just getting married and being big time BROKE and sammy had a few ties for job interviews. I got tired of seeing them hanging around so I made a tie rack out of a hanger. I'll never forgit it had about five little tiers that I wrapped with fabric. It was pretty ugly but Sam used it!

  4. chillin with Quillin

    yes you have come a long way, the couch didnt look to bad though, for what little you had to work with !!!!

  5. Micki Sellers

    that's still a great makeover! And it was very circa 1995 LOL

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