Ned’s Bed…All Girlified! and a Few Other Items


I have some pieces of furniture that I have “curb shopped” pretty close to home, in fact so close that I know the names of the homeowners that the pieces originated from.  For that reason I have so lovingly named the pieces after their past homeowners and refer to them as such. 

One thing about my kiddos is they are pretty rough on furniture so we refuse to purchase brand new furniture for them until they enter high-school.  Worked out pretty well so far, especially w/the kind of neighbors that we have who have unknowingly fed into graciously donated to my curb obsession. 
Today I want to share with you Ned’s Bed.  Ned, our neighbor, is a retired ex-military fighter pilot that lives across the street from us.  I really have never been his family’s home but we do chit chat from time to time when we are out doing yard-work or secretly watering staring at our drought infested yards from the serious Texas heat wave! Long story short, he was excited that he and his wife purchased a brand new bedroom set and they had to get rid of the dated brass bed ensemble real quick.  Little did he know my brain was thinking “I KNOW someone this girl who is crafty w/spray paint!  who could use a bed! … but was too embarrassed to inquire about it.  To my suprise, two days later he placed a brass metal bed on the curb along with a brass metal coat rack and brass swivel make-up chair!  At that time my LadyBug needed a bed frame for her queen sized bed so I swiped it up and dragged it all home after I confirmed he left for work real quick! SCORE!!!
This was three years ago, wasn’t thinking blog back than so I do not have the before picture – but here is the bed after I painted it white.  It turned out cute for my LadyBug’s Lime Green and Hot Pink room, don’t you think? …and the little white chair-such an easy transformation!

She loved it, of course now she has switched rooms w/her brother (like musical chairs around here) and I have since painted this room tan, what was I thinking – Neon Popsicle Lime Green!?! (actually I caved in to her begging and pleading for the color because she is so cute when she begs)

Finally here is the coat rack, painted white and all dressed up in her purses. 

My grandmother’s 1970 circa pre-brass ugly mirror painted white also.
Notice the color of her new room! – yep, bright blue (doesn’t show bright in the picture though)!  I am desperately trying to find the time to finish the chandelier so she can enjoy it some time before she goes off to college (I’m kidding, that’s quite a few years away thank goodness!) 
See my lamp obsession collection HERE!
Anyway, I love the transformation of Ned’s Bed and love it moreso that it was FREE!   Shhhhh…don’t tell Ned!
Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Zuni

    OK, Tami…you made me laugh again. It's hysterical that it's your little girl's bed and you call it Ned's Bed!! Why didn't you call it his wife's name?! You are a RIOT! And what if he'd seen you taking it from his curb?! What a riot. Anyway, Ned's Bed got a new life, and it looks great! 🙂

  2. laxsupermom

    Beautiful! Finding a brass bed curbside would be enough to make me do a happy dance, but to get the coat rack and chair too – Score! They look beautiful with their coat of white. Don't you love what a little paint can do? Thanks for sharing and linking up to my Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays party. Don't forget to grab a button.

  3. Maria Elena

    Tami, this is awesome!!!!
    The bed looks so pretty with the new coat of paint!!! And getting the coat rack and chair, well, what can I say? It is like hitting the lottery! LOL
    I have to tell you that I also love paint! Spray paint, paint in a can….. it doesn't matter! LOL
    I am always painting something!
    Our kids used to be the same way about furniture. We never bought anything new until they were grown so I have painted more than one bunk bed and dresser. LOL
    You did a great job!

  4. ~ Tami @ Curb Alert!

    Zuni – I guess technically it should be called Ned and Barb's bed but for some reason when I see it I automatically think Ned's Bed! I do have another neighbor that caught me so now he calls me to let me know there is something out there just to make fun of me when I pick it up!

    Laxsupermom – thank you so much for the invite. I have enjoyed seeing the linkups so far. I do have your button on my link party page but will attach it here if you would prefer it 🙂

    Maria – Would love to see some of your painted items in addition to your beautiful Kirkland's items 🙂

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