A New Baby!

Blog Baby that is!  Her name is Scribbles and Swirls!  If any of you know me well enough you know that I am not having another baby!  I just felt like my baby blog boy Curb Alert! needed a sibling!  As Curb is my little bouncing baby boy all rough and tumble,  Scribbles and Swirls! is my sweet little girlified version with curls and swirls. 
I know, call me crazy – as if I don’t have enough to do while scouring the neighborhood searching for my next curb finds or chasing after my 4 silly kiddos.  What’s one more thing, right?
There is just so much more to me than a “Sanford and Son” wannabe here on Curb Alert!.  I also love a lot of pretty things and would like to showcase them over at Scribbles and Swirls!  Not necessarily MY things but inspirational things that I find from real friends and blog friends.  If you would like to be featured please send me an email.  I would love to see what you have in mind!  Check out Scribbles and Swirls Submission Page for more details.
And while  you are over there please hold her, give her a hug, leave some comment love and ideas, and follow her as she grows up.  I know you will love her as much as I do 🙂


  1. Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR

    Hi Tami! Just got through loving on Scribbles and Swirls!! LOVE IT!! She's going to be great! I'm already following! Thanks for stopping by today and leaving your sweet comments on my Goodwill transformations. It was too easy!!

  2. ~ Tami

    Thank you Shenita. I just read your sweet comments over there…always appreciated!

  3. Katie Franck

    Love it!!! I am now following Scribbles & Swirls 🙂

  4. ~ Tami

    Thanks Katie. Gotta think up some music for the new blog…Sanford and Son just doesn't make the cut! 🙂

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