Passed Up Curb Alert led me to an Awwwwwesome Garage Sale!

I didn’t expect to write a post this morning but I got a little excited :)So here is the rundown of my Friday morning.  First I check the Freecycle Listings in my area and came across this ad that got my attention:


1107 BlaBlaBla Lane has a chest of drawers which looks like it is in good shape. White with blue handles. Trash pickup is Friday morning…about a mile north of BlaBlaBla RD just off BlaBlaBla Intersection.
The Small Print:
Street names are disguised to protect the innocent due to the fact that I was on one of my girlfriends’ streets and I don’t want any stalkers thinking they can find her or bring on any curbside competition for me! 

I dropped my kiddos off at school and thought to myself  “I really don’t need a dresser at all but what does it hurt just to swing by!” besides My Love would just have a heart attack if I brought home one more dresser – we already have 9 in this family (I’m not too crazy, remember 4 kids!) I was so anxious but kept it together enough to observe the school zone speed limits, police pulling over motorists, kids jumping in the street at the crosswalk,etc.  I made it safely!
Well I saw the dresser and it was in really good shape, no drive-by picture this time but it was made of particle board and it looked like this, the type that you put together…

Well, I’ll Pass!!!!  only because I really don’t feel like heavy lifting, didn’t even put a bra on  to drive the kiddos to school and really didn’t want to be seen sans makeup, crappy throw on clothes and crazy hair this morning.  BUT…lo and behold there was a garage sale and I scoped out a beautiful gold scrolly frame that I could see from the car so I had to pull over and check it out! 
I had a new gained confidence sweep over me and had to get over how I looked and just get out of the car.  Looking scruffy does help when shopping garage sales, as long as you keep your Coach purse hidden in the car!  Well the frame was really nice with a beautiful print but was marked $60 – whoa! no way for me.  Then I saw some clothes with tags on them and realized they were all from The Limited, Charlotte Russe, Nike, Chicos,etc.  Forget the frame…Wow! and the clothes were each marked ONE DOLLAR!  I scooped up 26 dollars worth – yep that’s twenty six dollars for 26 items of new clothing and that’s only because that’s all of the cash I had on hand!  (doing happy dance right now)  and Buttercup was busy playing with their massive collection of CareBears that I was able to spend time looking instead of chasing and begging her to put her clothes back on! (She did a strip-tease at a garage sale last monthl !) Anyway, today she got the pink CareBear for free, the homeowner was so sweet and just wanted to get rid of it all. 
Here are the goods: 
I am super excited at this point!  I am not only a sucker for home decor but also for clothes.  I had to run home and snap a picture real quick just to post about it!  – over $300 worth of clothes for less than 30 bucks! That included a Bebe coat and some belts too.   I’m not all greedy though well a little, I shared the love and even called one of my girlfriends to let her know about the sale so I sure hope she made it over there real quick!  🙂 
And Finally on the way home we drove by a sight of hot air balloons over the lake.  I almost forgot that this weekend is the Ballunar Festival at Nasa.  Buttercup and I pulled over a watched the balloons.  They looked as if they were floating across the water – it was beautiful! The pictures do not do it justice.
If anyone lives in the Houston area-check it out – the BallunarFestival.  It’s a weekend full of events and an awesome sight to see – especially the Evening Balloon Glow where they light up about 50 balloons at one time! My kids have absolutely loved it in the past and we have made some fun memories there!  
Wow, it’s barely 10 am.  I hope you enjoy your day as much as I have already enjoyed my morning.  Now off to some quality time with Buttercup and CareBear 🙂
Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Helen’s Decor

    Tami, you're cracking me up! I'd love to go with you! Not only do you not need a designer bag, but not a bright and shiny new car. I was upset when my husband SOLD my yard sale going car. It's hard to negotiate if you are driving a new one. Your new clothes look marvelous… Sandford would be proud! Love you music playing!

  2. DeAnna

    Oh I miss the balloon festival! It was so fun to find them in the am.

  3. ~ Tami @ Curb Alert!

    Helen – I know what you mean. Luckily my car is black and not too shiny so doesn't draw much attention. I guess we all have our own priorities and shopping quirks! I do notice that people give me better deals when I go with my toddler daughter and I both looking like ragamuffins. 🙂

  4. ~ Tami @ Curb Alert!

    DeAnna – We wanted to go to the nite-glow so bad last night but had other plans. We did drive by on our way home and got to see some of it from afar. Always a neat sight to see.

  5. Rooms by Ann

    I love your blog, I swear you and I are the same person,My kid's do like to travel with me on trash day or better yet the night before. I am happy I found your blog I am your newest follower. lOVE THE MUSIC I alway thought Sanford had some good things in his house and with a good make over it wouldn't be to bad.

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