Please Excuse the Mess!


I am having a bit of an identity crisis here on the blog.  I like the way it was before but just getting a little tired of the same background.
That’s why I tweaked my picture a little and left it up there just so you know it’s still me!  So thanks for being patient and please bear with me during this little transition time until I find something that sticks.  Any suggestions from you would also be appreciated!

Note to self…never use funky colors for blog text, now I’ve got to clean that up – sheesh!

Thanks!  ~Tami



  1. Katie Franck

    I like the chippy paint in the background but I like your header in color….maybe it's something about the big green garbage can that I relate to?……just my opinion, it looks good both ways 🙂 – Katie

  2. My Great Finds by Linda

    I agree with Katie I think the header should be in color or if you can just have the garbage can in color.

  3. ~ Tami

    I think I am missing the green as well so have to do some more to make it work! Thanks for your thoughts.

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