Potty Like a RockStar!


Can you guess what we are doing this weekend?  Yep, potty-training!  Buttercup this SAHM mommy  has been very lazy about the entire situation – she is way past the potty training stage!  It’s the typical fourth child

mommy is getting tired, “they won’t go to kindergarten wearing diapers as my momma used to say” syndrome.  Well I am sick of purchasing loads of pull-ups (that’s 50 bucks a month folks!) and I know this girl can do it so I put my butt into gear and decided to make it a little more fun for us all. 

Buttercup and I spent the morning cutting out little potty pictures off of the Internet and she helped me glue them to the poster board.

All along we sang … “Do The…<clap, clap>…Potty Dance!”  Have you heard that commercial?  Yep, that’s the one now it’s stuck in my head! – along with the Barney song that has been around this house for almost 17 years!!!
I purchased some little star stickers and lollipops from the dollar store as rewards and now she is all set!  Thank goodness she has good dental visits since I just upped the ante w/the lollipops.   In the past I’ve done the reward thing, the cheerio target, and with one child didn’t even have to train her.  So far so good with this little girlie so wish me luck.
Oh, shhhhh, need to concentrate and get back to business at hand…..there she is now, already showing progress!
I have a quick post coming up about a simple little curb find so check back later today!
Happy Friday and Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Allyson Pecilunas

    I have started with Jack too! Its hard!! How old is she?

  2. Maria Elena

    Sending good wishes your way!
    She can do it!!!!

  3. Katie Franck

    I was the same way with my fourth too……good luck, Buttercup…you can do it!!! 🙂 – Katie

  4. Holly_Palermo

    A potty chart? What a great idea! Oh wait, I already did that & the excitement lasted a week or so. LOL Good luck. We bought Drew big boy underwear just today. and he put his last paci in a build a bear today and he is now screaming MOMMY and kicking the door and crying for over an hour. Sheesh!

  5. DeAnna

    Tami- I saw NO BLING on that potty chart. What kind of mommy are you? Good luck and have fun.

  6. Kammy’s Korner

    ha, great idea! Let me know how it's going!!! Unfortunately, Tori wouldn't have a clue about charts – she's not even 2 yet! But we were accident free today and kept our cute big girl panties dry – YAYYYYYY!!!!! Why does potty training make me so tired?? I think I'm off to bed now.

    p.s. I didn't recognize your blog with the new layout!!! Had to make sure it was still you over there (and it was, love your picture!!!) and I was on the right "curb alert" just in case someone copied you or something! Love the new look!

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