Texas Flag Pallet


I am a fifth generation Texan!

God Bless Texas!

And pretty proud of it!
Don’t Mess With Texas

So when I made my American Flag Pallet Project, I had to make a Texas Flag as well!
Texas, our Texas:  All Hail the Mighty State! 

My little crafty MiniMe even did her own version and we lovingly display it on our fireplace hearth.
Texas, our Texas:  So Wonderful So Great! 
I proudly display mine out in our yard because as we all know:
Everything is Bigger in Texas!


What state are YOU from?
Happy Treasure Hunting! 



  1. holli

    I love Texas too and thinking of making one of those for our back yard. I love it!! Your American flag one is awesome.

  2. My thrift store addiction

    Hello from another Texas girl! Love your pallet sign! Blessings, Cecilia

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