Texas Gardening and Drought Tolerant Plants

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting my post about our Texas Garden, right?   Well with the move coming up soon I have really been reminiscing about all of the hard work we have put into our home and garden (well, it’s a yard but garden sounds better). 
This is by far my favorite plant on our patio.  It is the Japanese Trumpet Flower.  At first I hated it because you have to water it and baby it and give it lots of TLC in our super hot Texas summers.  There have been many times I have wanted to dig it out.  There have been a few winters that we have chopped it down to the ground and then it blooms …

These Glorious Flowers
Hence the name
Japanese Angel Trumpet Flowers
Aren’t they fabulous?  And to make them even more beautiful, when in bloom they have the most 
a m a z i n g   smell in the evenings, much like the Gardenia flowers (which I also LOVE).
Every time I have ever gotten discouraged about this plant  they bloom in abundance and I am reminded to keep them right where they are! 
Another plant I love is our 
Easter Lilies
Somehow every year, just like clockwork, they know just the right time to bloom, about a week before Easter!  
It’s a God thing, I am convinced! 
Okay I know those are not very drought tolerant but I had to share them with you first. 
Now on to the rest of our plants that are absolutely 
Drought Tolerant
We chose these plants because 1.  MyLove works in the water industry and loves any water conservation efforts as in he instills it in our family to be considerate of our surroundings and not waste water.  and 2:  There is no fuss in caring for these plants, they pretty much care for themselves with very little water or pruning. 
I have shared with you before about our 
The caterpillars love the 
Milkweed Plants
We adore these little critters and check on them every single day. 
It’s such a joy!
Have you ever planted 
Blue Plumbago
I love love love it and MyLove loves it too so every time I request we buy some more he is always game for it!  They just THRIVE in the heat!

Up close:

Another beautiful thriving plant is the 
Yellow Lantana
The yellow color just PoPs against our home.  Lantana also comes in other gorgeous colors such as red, pink, purple, white and color combinations.  A true Texas beauty!
Here are our 
Banana Trees
If you are a regular her around Curb Alert! you will notice that I love to use them as a backdrop.  They compliment my furniture projects, by the way the above pic is from my 
Feel free to click on the link to go visit but promise me you will be kind as I was a newbie at the time.
Another Banana Tree Pic
and I see our lime tree peeking out on the right side of the pic!
Hundreds and hundreds of limes I tell ya!  If you love Carona and a lime you are in luck! (At least my neighbor thinks so as he swipes them from over the fence)
I am not sure the name of these 
Pink Roses
but I love them! 
They do so well with very little care. 
I will truly miss them! 
They are fragrant too! 
Please leave me a comment if you know what kind these are! 
And FINALLY my favorite flowers this time of year are the 
These are not in our garden but this field is right down the street from our home and those are my four precious flowers!
I am in love with this picture! … so … much!
Thanks for letting me share my garden with you today. 
I am excited to start on our garden in our new home! 

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