The Mystery Bowl

Hi!  It has been such a beautiful week so far here in Houston.  I just love this fall weather! 
Remember this “Odd Item” piece that I found on the curb way, way back when? 
That thing is over five feet tall and heavy!

I had no idea what it was but grabbed it anyway.  It intrigued me so I held on to it for awhile hoping inspiration would hit me. 
I propped it up on my back porch and left it there…through the winter…through the spring…through the summer…and into the fall…CRICKETS!!!  Nothin’!!!
Until one day inspiration struck. 
Well, let me clarify – inspiration struck my friend in real-life, Sherry – not me! 
She saw it and offered to buy it from me for an agreed upon ridiculous price.  I was happy to get rid of it and she quickly got started decorating it. 
It reminded her of the popular bread-bowls.  Here is one in her home that she has with shells.  Doesn’t it look great? 
And by the way she scored the hall table for $10 bucks as is…a girl after my own heart.  We became friends right away and bonded the moment we met! 
Check out what she did with the “Mystery Bowl” as she now calls it.
She has it sitting in her window seat of her breakfast room, I love it!  She had great vision and it makes me so happy to see her use it every day. 
The possibilities are endless with the Mystery Bowl.  Can you imagine what she might do with it all decked out for Christmas?  I can’t wait to find out.  Now you can too because she started a new blog called 
Sherry is a Shop Owner at The Rusty Pearl in our area so it was natural to name her blog The Rusty Pearl. 
It’s a reflection of her love of God, Family, Friends, and where she is herself the most…by the SEA!
Let’s do her a favor and head over to The Rusty Pearl and show her some friendly blog love!
She has such an uplifting, sweet personality and I hope it flows over into her new blog.  I am looking forward to her inspiration!

P.S. I wore my Trades of Hope necklace today and got many compliments on it.  
You too can purchase your own HERE.
That’s me…don’t laugh! 
This purchase empowers and educates young women in India!
Read more about my Trades of Hope story HERE.
Happy Treasure Hunting! 
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  1. Rita

    That's awesome. I have a couple of those "mystery" pieces myself…and yes the crickets apply there too!
    Glad she found a use for it!

  2. Sherry at The Rusty Pearl

    Tami girl.. I loved what you wrote. I had happy tears. Your such a dear friend and we connected instantly. I know we will be life long friends girl. You were my inspiration on my blog and with all your help ( I HAVE ONE NOW) … Thanks does not begin to express my appreciation for you . I love your blog and your friends blogs are amazing too !! Thanks for the honor of mentioning me .. TOUCHED me More than you will ever know… HUGS my sweet friend …

  3. chillin with Quillin

    the piece turned out awesome, can imagine it decorated for christmas, would be gorgeous!!!

  4. Patty

    Tami, I also would have paid you for that mystery item. It is AWESOME! what a lucky friend to receive it! Keep up the curbing….love seeing what you find!

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