The Real Garden Chandelier {updated with Flowers}

Just keepin’ it real here folks!  Take a look at this embarrassing attempt at gardening 
Garden Chandelier now after a month of no rain!

Real Garden Chandelier via Curb Alert!
I was so proud when I repurposed the chandelier.  You can view the original post by

clicking HERE!  I loved the way it turned out and the added touch of whimsy it contributed to our back yard!   The birds even loved to sit on it….

Outdoor Garden Chandelier via Curb Alert!
…for about a week.  I promise I took care of it and watered the plants daily but with over 100 degree temps for many weeks on end with little to no rain took its toll.   Poor plants, I really tried! 
And the sad thing is I let it sit out there for well over a month looking like a dreary shame! 
Real Garden Chandelier via Curb Alert!
Well today was the day (Monday, when I actually wrote this)!  I got fed up and finally got off of my butt did something about it.  I grabbed some faux flowers from my stash of crap as MyLove would call it and just stuck a few flower stems in each cup of the chandy. 
Real Garden Chandelier via Curb Alert!
So Much Better Now! 
And it only took me roughly five minutes! 
All is well in the world, you may go about your business now! 

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  1. Rita

    hysterical!! Hey you can't help it if the drought has it in for your beautiful creations!! By the way the two plants I own are hanging on for dear life!! haha

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