Throwback Thursday: Dark Walnut Stained Dresser


Here’s a little Throwback Thursday for ya!

How about this dresser, do you remember it?

The ugly one on the left!

Just imagine a little bit of elbow grease…well a lot of elbow grease

and a bit of Minwax Dark Walnut Stain and Poly…


Well just trust me it turns out beautiful and you will have to click on the link to see for yourself!

Dark Walnut Stained Gentleman’s Dresser

I promise I am still around but it’s been a busy May around the household as we tie up the end of the school year!   Still able to squeeze in some DIY though…Here’s another Trash to Treasure I’ve been working on and almost ready to share!   A little rough on the edges but I promise it turns out great!

Speaking of School – We now have a Kinder Graduate!  Am I crazy? One in Kinder, One in College and Two in between!

Life is good!

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  1. Trisha Flaherty

    No, you're not crazy for having a kindergarten grad and all the others! God gave you her to take care of you when you are old!!!! hahahahaha! Enjoy her! She will be the one closest to you, I'm sure 🙂

  2. Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR

    Ha! Congrats on your kindergrad! I am sure that she keeps you on your toes! We've been painting furniture over here! Stop by and take a peek!

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