Today’s Loot from the Curb


I have been a bit bummed out because I have felt a little under the weather last week.  I guess Buttercup’s daycare germs have invaded and are kickin’ my butt!  
I tried to get rest this weekend which was hard to do since the weather here was GORGEOUS!!! 

I was excited that I sold the rattan sofa to a friend of mine.  I even delivered it to her (a whopping two blocks away!) and it looks GREAT in her back yard!  On the way out she showed me the above junk treasures that she was about to get rid of.  “Oh NO Ma’m!” I squealed!  I absolutely could NOT let her put those out to the curb!
MyLove gladly grabbed them and loaded them up in the truck for me!  As he rolled his eyes and smiled, I could only imagine how thrilled he must have been!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, on Saturday I sold the Anniversary Dresser for a great price.  The customer plans to put it in her guest room.  I was a little sad to see it go but pleased to see how much she liked it. 
So on to today’s goodies!  Seriously…TO-DAY!  
  These are the items that I found just this morning.    I swear I don’t make this stuff up folks – just from today’s drive on the way to the kids school!  My goodness, how can I hide these when I already have stuff from last week hidden from MyLove?   I’ve got a few hours to think about it before he gets home.  

I first found this Little Red Chair!
Oh MY!  Why do I love it so much?  It’s so CUTE! 
Okay, the red fabric is kind of hideous but that sucker is going to get ripped right off of there real quick and then LOVE IT!!! 
A few blocks away there was this rattan chair!  Hmmmm, maybe I will grab it just in case my friend would like it to go with her new sofa!  I’ll take a chance! 
So in the car it goes! 
I took the two items home and unloaded them in the garage.  
I must still be high on cold meds because I could not stop thinking about something else I saw! 
Two outdoor chairs and ottomans! 
I  drove back to the home, fingers crossed it was still there, and the homeowner was outside working in her yard – darnit!!!  I swallowed my pride and asked the homeowner if she wouldn’t mind me taking the furniture.  Heck, she was outside in her garden so what else could I do?   She quickly agreed and then offered to help load them in the car! 
There was also another rattan sofa under there but it was in pretty sad shape. 
But the chairs… 
I think they will clean up REALLY NICE!
once I get rid of the torn fabric, just overlook that part for now!

Check out the wood! 
WOO to the HOO!!!
As my cool blog friend Jen would say!
I haven’t even showed you what I found last week but must save it for a future post.  I really hate to show “before” shots until I have the “afters” but today I could not contain myself!
I now need to go eat some lunch, blow my nose and dope up on some more cold meds! 
TMI-I know, sorry 🙁
Have a great day! 
Happy Treasure Hunting! 



  1. Creating Love And Joy

    wow..i never find stuff like that! good job

  2. Rita

    AMAZING!! Love those chairs. I've been on the hunt for some myself but so far nothing 🙁 You really lucked out on those!

  3. The Johnsons- Deep in the Heart of…Arkansas?!!

    man you have the best luck! you better be playing the lotto!!

  4. Susan@Organized31

    I am constantly amazed by what you find on the curb! And, of course, what you do to breathe new life into them.

  5. The Decorative Dreamer

    So neat to find your blog, it's very enjoyable. I used to live in an area like yours where there was curb trash everywhere. It was so fun finding stuff. I love those last chairs with the ottomans. Can't wait to see how you transform those. Very cute stuff!

  6. Debbiedoo’s

    I can't believe the loot you find Tami. You must have radar glasses on or something!

  7. Katie

    I'm totally jealous! Especially that little red chair!!!!…..there's never anything like that around by me 🙁

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