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I don’t normally write about paid posts or sponsorships on Curb Alert! and even shy away from getting too personal on the blog…but this time I just cannot contain myself and have to share this with you!
You may have seen my new sponsor/ad button on my sidebar.
Now don’t step away just yet…

Please let me take a moment to share with you about my recent shopping experience.
Here is what I purchased…
Aqua Open Weave Scarf:  These scarves are hand-crafted out of the recycled loom ends that drop from silk looms in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Mumbai Circle Earrings in gold tone AND silver tone for the price of one set!!: This jewelry goes beyond helping Indian women escape poverty by providing vocational training so that they can be self reliant and economically independent.  It is also being used toward a school for 165 underprivileged children of poor artisans and street children.
  I first fell in love with the items because they are all beautiful, affordable and handmade.  I then fell more in love with them when I read about the stories behind the artisans that made them.  Little did I know that a small purchase would open up a world of opportunity for myself and give me the passion to in turn help others.  I cannot wait to receive my first shipment!
“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31:8
In the meantime something tugged at my heart as I kept reading the above bible verse on their website…I could not get the artisan stories out of my mind.
I researched and prayed and with the help from my friend and fellow Compassion Entrepreneur, I decided to join 
as a Compassion Entrepreneur (CE).

  It is our mission to help impoverished women
all over the world (Bangladesh, Haiti, Indonesia, Uganda, India, Peru and
Nepal, etc.) improve their lives and escape desperate situations such as extreme poverty, slums, sweatshops, and the sex trade .  

We market their beautiful handcrafts, such as
jewelry, scarves, and baskets, through the home party/direct online and catalog
sales business models.  The women are
paid “fair trade” wages, allowing them to improve their living conditions and
provide food, medicine and educational opportunities for their families.  The more products we
sell, the more women we help in a very real way. 
As I mentioned, personally I love how each handmade item has a story behind it and feel like when I purchase and use these items that I am really making a difference in the lives of others.
 I’m letting you know that if fair trade products and gifts
might be of interest to you, Trades of Hope products can be purchased through me at our
online store on the website,  – just please indicate my name, Tami Michel/Texas,
as your CE when prompted! 
Trades of Hope
products make wonderful and unique hostess gifts (something a little different
than flowers or a bottle of wine), Birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, Teacher
gifts or just a little something special for you.
  In addition to the direct benefit to the
artisans, a portion of every sale goes to Gifts of Hope whereby needy women are
given a chicken, goat, or sewing machine to start a sustainable business of
their own.  
Let me know, too, if you or
someone you know might be interested in hosting a Trades of Hope E-party  (and earning credit toward free and discounted products), or in learning more
about becoming a Compassion Entrepreneur. 

Here is my next purchase 🙂
We hear daily about the terrible conditions in which many people live,
and we wonder what we can do to help.  
Supporting Trades of Hope is one of those ways; these women want
opportunity, not charity.  I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you might have about the products or the stories behind them.

I am excited about this new venture in my life and
thank you in
advance for your consideration and/or purchase.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tami Michel
To read more about the Trades of Hope Story click HERE.
To read more about the Trades of Hope Artisians click HERE.
You can always find TOH info on the Curb Alert! Trades of Hope TAB.

There are treasures out there, and this one I just could not pass up!



  1. Sarah Kil

    Wow! I love the concept! These kinds of issues are really convicting to me. I love that you're a voice for these women by representing them and giving awareness to others! Thanks for being a voice!

  2. Stephanie

    Beautifully written Tami! I pray you are blessed as you are a blessing to these women! We can change the world one woman at a time.

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