Tuesday Blues {Blue Painted End Tables)

Blue is one of my new favorite colors.  It’s so refreshing and reminds me of upcoming Spring!
Remember that?  Spring?  It’s just around the corner – I cannot wait!

Peek a Blue!
 I gave you a little hint of this project last week when I showed you

 my teen daughter’s 

Here is what we started out with.  Two little end tables from a local garage sale site for $30.  Not too bad for two pieces of furniture.  They had a cute crackle/faux finish with some flowers painted on.  I looked a bit beyond that and loved the little curves of these tables!

I started with a wipe-down of Clorox Cleanup to get any dust or grime off.
My Assistants were right there with me every step of the way!

I painted them with Miss Mustard Seed Flow Blue mixed with the MMS Bonding Agent.
I wanted great adhesion with no chipping – exactly what I got.
I chose this type of paint since it shows the imperfect paint strokes, like a bit of a washed effect.  I thought the finish would look great in front of our new Chalkboard Wall. 
MyLove doesn’t like for me to paint in the house but he was out of town for a few days so let’s just keep that between us, okay?  
The color turned out a bit darker than I had anticipated, maybe I mixed a little too much.
That’s okay, I still like it.  
I’m crushing on those pretty curvy legs.
And a little surprise inside the drawers! 
Fabric and ModPodge steps it up a notch, don’t you think? 
I protected it all with a coat of Minwax Poly Satin Gloss.
The doors never made it back on and I kind of like it that way.
I am so glad I decided to photograph them outside because it really shows the true color!
The Hobby Lobby knobs look so cute!
A mix of light and dark blues!
Pretty Colors. 
Pretty Accessories.
Stuff that a young teen girl would love! 
Now you can see a bit of my vision for her room.  
Do I have a vision?  Not really but I am trying to tie it all together somehow! 
I am working off of this fabric and hope it does the trick.
Cheery, Isn’t it?
I haven’t gotten any comments on the blog lately.  Not sure why everyone is so quiet these days… crickets! 
My stats tell me otherwise, so I know you are still there.
I’m not gonna lie, feeling a bit lonely! 
I am so glad my daughter likes the vibrant colors so I can jump out of my comfort zone for awhile!
Any blue furniture in your house?
Have a great day! 

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  1. CraftyCanadian

    I know the feeling on the stats versus the comments thing. Great job on the bedside tables. I too leave the doors off when it calls for it. 🙂

  2. Audrey

    WOW Tami … you room is coming together nicely. Great strong colors and just perfect for a teen. Love the little night stands and leaving the doors off was a great idea.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. monkey

    tami don't want you feeling lonely we are here..those night stands are to die for..love the colors and the knobs are too too awesome xx

  4. Rita Mireles

    It kills me how alike we are. For example, my husband just went out of town so I told my oldest, I think I'll paint a wall or something since he's not here to get mad. I'm so serious those words came out of this mouth!! Then, i've checked my stats and I get views but no comments except for you and a couple of others. IT is so frustrating, makes you wonder why you blog at all, right!! Whatever, I'll just write for you and you for me and we'll be happy together!

  5. ARod Rodriguez

    love the blue and the fabric such a great pop great job

  6. Traci Creel

    Love the blue nightstands and the chalkboard wall. I hope you blogged about how you did the headboard.
    I have been up to my a@@ in alligators as my grandmother used to say so I have not been visiting or commenting. My new WP site is driving me crazy so what little time I have had has gone to fixing problems but I decided tonight I was going to read my favorite blogs and then I was interrupted by a stray cat in my house.
    The crickets are visiting me too but I have assumed that is because it takes so long to load my blog that readers are giving up.

  7. Susan Maclean

    I get hardly any comments but I just blog away. But to fill up your comments space it's a "hello!" from over the pond! I love upcycled stuff and if I had more room the house would be full of it. Loved the fabric-lined drawers.

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