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Please don’t judge me, but I am a compulsive shopper.  Today I hit up Target like nobody’s business!  (yes, I really do shop retail and not just the curb!)  With 4 kiddos there is always a need for SOMETHING!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some things that I have been hoarding found in recent months and just not had the time to work on.   I know you are so sick of my outdoor garden finds by now (hopefully you are not) but goodness, lately there is so much out there that I just cannot pass it all up.   For a change of pace, here is some furniture that I have collected.
I have lovingly already named my future posts:
This guy is “From Ewww to Blue” Campaign Dresser.    Ewww because of what I found in it and Blue from my inspiration.  I’m thinking a dark navy color would be cool.

Linda’s Chandy”  Sweet Linda, who reads my blog with her early morning coffee saw LadyBug’s blue chandelier makeover and gifted this one to me.  I am inspired to glam it up for over my tub, but trying to inspire MyLove to be on the same page! (wish me luck!)
My daughter’s friend is begging me to jazz it up for her room so if MyLove does not get on board real soon then I guess she will win this one!
 “Spencer” meatal shelves.
See the S?
I am giving it to my neighbor to take up to her new lakehouse with a little gift of some towels and bathroom stuff!  (shhhhh)
Luckily it stores flat so easy to hide and easy to haul up to the lake! 
The “Dumpster Duo
MyLove has named them the “Butt Ugly Chairs”
I think they have potential!
Freecycle Friday
Freecycle is good to me, just like I am good to Freecycle. 
I give as much as I take so don’t think I’m a Freecycle Hog!
I found these goodies through a Freecycle ad last Friday.  A guy was moving out quickly and just giving it away on the curb!  “Well of course Mr. Move Out Guy, I can fit another chair in my car!”
I really want to break out the power tools and try to do this, because you know I need a few more benches!:
 “Nate the Great” 
My friend wants this and is asking me to paint it like inspiration she found on the Nate Berkus Show.

That should be simple enough, just need to find the time.
Need a little Pepto-Bismol?
“Sweet Sara’s Vanity
My friend has had this vanity from when she was a little girl and saved it all this time for her own little girl.  The only problem is she never had a girl, she has THREE boys! 
Now Buttercup is begging to keep it so I am thinking maybe something in white like in the flyer I received in the mail yesterday. 

Next up is a little “Tool Box” that was LOADED with tools (so I thought)  It weighed a TON but somehow I managed to boost it up into my little SUV all by myself.  I’ll show you later what it had in it.  MyLove suggested that I paint it out in pink to match my new tool set he just bought for me, hmmmmm.
Remember these “White Chippy Chairs“?  I just cannot let them go but not sure what to do with them.
I am in LOVE with these and trying to find a way to incorporate them into our Master Bedroom. 
As I mentioned before, I do not need more chairs but they are soooo cute!
Finally, “Jeremy’s Table” 
Named after the house I found it from, I happen to know Jeremy (shhhhhh)
It’s in Bubba’s room right now and I just want to put a quick coat of black on it to match the rest of the Karate Decor in his room.
And that’s just the furniture among my never ending project list.
I also have two coffee tables and end tables and large ornate frame that I want to work on  as well!
Somehow I cannot find the time to do it all!!!
I am getting a bit overwhelmed.
I SHOULD be doing laundry, dishes, cooking, flirting with MyLove, taking care of the kids … which I LOVE to do ALL of the above!   But I also love fulfilling the crafty cravings as well!
Such is my life, the juggling of it all.    🙂   I am truly thankful so not really belly-aching here.
Please don’t turn me into the Hoarders show, MyLove!   
What are your thoughts? 
Do you have any crafty suggestions for the furniture? 
What should I start on first? 
P.S.  All of the inspiration images can be found on my Pinterest Pages, linking back to the original sources.


  1. Jennie Larsen

    AWESOME CURB ALERT! I am never that lucky! TO FUN! P.S. I LOVE TARGET TOO, especially with a popcorn and DC! hugs, jen

  2. Maria Elena

    Tami, your are the queen of finding awesome items!!! I love them all, but I can already see that toolbox painted 9in pink!

  3. Vanessa Villa Real

    Oi Tami, tudo bem? Meu nome é Vanessa e conheci seu blog hoje.
    Adorei! É muito legal e criativo.
    Agora estou te seguindo e sempre estarei por aqui visitando.
    Beijinhos e Bom Final de Semana!

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