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Ahhh Curb Alert!…Did you miss me?
I took a much needed week off from posting and boy did I miss my bloggy friends!  I really look forward to your comments and encouragement with each post.  That didn’t mean I wasn’t still trolling the curbs out curb shopping, in fact I found some pretty cool stuff in the last few weeks (well I think they’re cool). I cannot wait to show them to you.
Above is a little buggy I picked up last weekend.  No I did not steal from a toddler that left their toy out – notice the free sign on it!    I have to tell you I have a standing “neighborhood drive appointment” every Sunday evening.  I actually enjoy it because it’s practically the only time I am in the car alone (with no fighting, fussing, whining, screaming-just sayin’) so I really enjoy it.  I just crank up my favorite radio station and drive around the neighborhood.  I wonder if people recognize me like they do this guy: 
He’s got it goin’ on!
On the evening that I found the Curb Buggy the kids begged to go with me so I gave in.  Pure chaos I tell ya, they giggle and they laugh at me while I scope out treasures but somehow end up getting involved.  LadyBug insists on taking pictures and Bubba is the “grabber”  He did a quick grab and go on the little buggy and got a little carried away in the car on the way home (please note it was only a few blocks from my home and no I don’t usually let my children jump all over while I drive around.  Needless to say they make it a fun, adventurous ride but those guys are staying home next time.  
Anyway, I’m back and cannot wait to tell you all about my adventures. 
Hope you have a great week.  I’ll be back soon with another post! 
Happy Treasure Hunting! 


  1. Maria Elena

    Well, it is awesome to have you back! I missed your post! Can't wait to see your treasures!

  2. Rita

    Yay glad your back!!! I took a week off last week too and i missed everyone!

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