Why So Many Lamps?

My Love and I had this conversation last night.  “Tami, why do we have so many lamps in this house? Ummm, what do you mean, we don’t have many lamps…not!”  It sounds like so many other conversations we have had…why so many tables?…why so many rugs?…and so on and so on.  I don’t know why but I love lamps.  They are so cute, you can easily change their appearance and you can move them from room to room in a snap.  I like many different styles and shapes of lamps but my favorite ones right now are a little pair of buffet lamps that I purchased a few months ago at Kirklands.  I love the reddish glow of the shade and their cute little curves.  They started out in my kitchen but now have a new spot flanking our tv.  The tv has been so difficult to decorate around so it makes me smile to finally find a vignette that I like.  Take a look…
The fleur de lis plate and potpourri jar are also Kirkland’s finds.  The ironwork I grabbed for $6/pair at Goodwill this summer – practically a steal!  They were a horriffic odd blotchy peachy color but with a little bit of ORB spray and I am in love!  I soooo wish I would have taken a before picture because I am lovin’ the transformation. 
Here is the ironpiece up close and personal…with one of my favorite pictures of me and My Love…
Well it’s getting late and I promised My Love that I would watch a movie with him.  I will continue with my Lamp Post tomorrow.

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