Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From Blah to Ooh-La-La {Dresser}

This was a dresser given to me by my grandmother.  It started out as a chipped creamy yellow and I remember she had it loaded with sewing scraps and materials like for-ev-a.  It was pretty damaged but I convinced my dad to repaint it in crackle paint for my kids rooms.  I never had to worry about it getting damaged or destroyed, and fit well dressed up in my girls rooms and then rustic looking later in my son's.  Anyway, somehow when my kids got new furniture I inhereted it again and just stuffed it in my closet. Point is that she was free to me and SHOULD have been left out on the curb many times over but I have rescued it thinking she would have some potential.  

Here is the candidate.  She really was shabby and boring and was in need of a makeover real bad!  I didn't even take pictures of the sides where my children have decided to scribble their names beautifly monogram with their own personal touches! 


I found some dresser inspirations on the web and these were my favorites:

and then this...

I like the damask stencil dresser the best.  I am pretty good at stenciling but not too patient to put in the work to sand, repaint and stencil.  Plus I only have time to work during Buttercup's naptime so it would involve much more time than what was alotted to me.

So I put on my thinking cap and ModPodge came to mind and I came up with this.  I just printed the typogrophy out from my computer, cut out and glued right onto the dresser.  I am in love.  It has the perfect element of shabbyness that I like but glammed up a little.

Ta-da! I love it!

I am anxious to publish this post but will add a few more pictures of the top of the dresser later this evening when I kick lovingly request that my kiddos computer time is over!

*Picture update* Here is the top of the dresser that holds my jewelry box, inspiration frame and necklaces.

I read this framed quote every morning when I get dressed! It definitely encourages and inspires me.

Colossians 3:12

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