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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Words with Friends: Wall Mounted Magnetic Scrabble Game

The holidays are upon us!
Time for great food, time with family, time with friends.

Seems like we try to squeeze in every type of festive activities within only a few weeks, but why not spread it out all year long? 

How about a Scrabble game?  Better yet, a 

Wall Mounted Magnetic Scrabble Game

I have seen some floating around on Pinterest and decided our family needed an ongoing game!

Here's how I did it. 

I purchased this picture and frame at Goodwill for $8.  It is a great size as it measures 28"x28"!
I took the back off and carefully got rid of the glass.

I purchased a piece of sheet metal from my hardware store for less than ten dollars.  I was shocked that it fit perfectly behind the mat.  Great, I wasn't counting on a mat but even better! 
Be careful because like glass, the sheet metal can be sharp around the edges.  I was glad that there would be no cutting involved.

I ordered some super magnetized magnets online.  I wanted to ensure that they would be strong enough to connect the scrabble pieces to the metal through the scrabble board. 

You can purchase magnets from the hardware or craft store but I did not want to drive across town and these were delivered in only two days!

I glued the magnets to the back of my Scrabble pieces with hot glue.

To be honest, the hot glue didn't last long and the magnets popped off after my kids played around with the game all day.  The hot glue did work perfectly with my Framed Scrabble Project so I didn't consider it a total fail. 

I ended up using this Gorilla Glue Super Glue Gel and it worked like a charm.  Super strong and easy to work with.  Make sure you are in a well ventilated area though because I could smell some slight fumes.

Thank you Gorilla Glue for saving the day and sending me some awesome samples of Gorilla Glue Gel to try out.  I am now hooked!

I sprayed a coat of poly on my scrabble board just for a thin layer of protection and placed it on my metal with larger super bond magnets.  I didn't want it to be permanent so we can move the board game around at any time.

I have extra Scrabble pieces in a jar close by, really about three games worth.  I think I need to order some more magnets.

I have the Wall Mounted Scrabble Game included in a gallery wall in my breakfast room where we tend to gather most often as a family.

Everyone is curious about it, even TexieCat!
Wait!  Let me take the picture first!


I have noticed the kids walk by it and play the game all day long.   Not an actual game though, one child organizes the letters all day, another child cat messes them up.

One child writes cute little words with it, another keeps his actual score. 

And Oh to be six again! - and get excited over the little things...she found the first letter of her name!

I have come to the conclusion that either way it is great as it has kept them busy off and on while they have been on a break from school. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 
I hope your blessings are abundant and that you spend lots of time with the ones you love! 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Secret Santa Tour: Handmade Wood Ornaments

Can you believe it already?  
Thanksgiving is this Thursday!   I cannot wait and even better that my kiddos are out of school all week so we have already started celebrating!
Today I am taking part of an fun Secret Santa tour with some of my favorite bloggers so just for a moment lets think about Christmas!

We all chose names and made each other handmade gifts.  It was fun to be a part of.  
Here is my gift that I made for Lani at Simply Fresh Vintage:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Annie Sloan Antoinette Pink BabyBed Bench

Remember that epic garage sale I told you about a few months back?   I ended up buying lots of beds that day and hubby thought I was crazy to say the least!  

Headboards and Beds found at the Epic Garage Sale via Curb Alert!

I am happy to report that I have turned lots of them into benches and sold quite a few!
My Love is very pleased to get them out of the garage!

One of the beds I purchased was this sweet little antique baby bed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pottery Barn Knockoff: Outdoor Wood Deer

The holidays are upon us!  I know, I know we just made it through Halloween but all of the department stores and catalogs have their holiday decorating in full force!

I find myself Ooooing and Ahhhhhing at all of the gorgeous glittery eye candy in abundant overload!

Ohhhhhh I love you!

But I don't admire your prices.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Shopping at Trades of Hope

Hi friends.  Welcome to Saturday Morning!

  Stay in your PJs and grab a cup of coffee and take a look at some great handmade items that would make some great Christmas gifts!

Have you heard of Trades of Hope
They sell handmade items from artisans around the world.  What is great about this organization is 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Favorite Curb Alert! Knockoff Projects

As I am preparing for another great Knockoff Tour I thought I would first share with you some of my favorite Curb Alert! Knockoffs!

It's so easy if you just think outside of the box.  On the following projects I started out with these ordinary items (ready to be tossed to the curb!) ...

But wait!  They all have potential and here you can see why -

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Knockoff High End Decor GIANT Wall Clock

I am so excited to share today's post with you!

I have been thrilled since my friend, Sherry of The Rusty Pearl  sent me the following picture and asked if I could create a well priced Knockoff version of it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Themed Furniture Makeover: Words and Letters!

Welcome back to our Themed Furniture Makeover Day! 
This month features furniture transformations with Words and Letters.

This desk is my painful little contribution -SMH!
I will spare you the details of the many makeovers it has gone through the past few months until I could get it "just right"

Here is a before shot

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gloomy Gray to Bright Blue Headboard Bench!

Looks like surgery, doesn't it? 

This is how the headboard benches look during the building phase and for some odd reason one of my favorite parts of the transformation process.  

I guess this is the stage where I can finally start to see the potential where the old furniture turns the corner from

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun with Fabric and a $100 Giveaway!

I am in LOVE with my new pillow!

Can you be in love with a pillow because if so then I am not just in love, but smitten!

I am very excited to team up with my blogger friends and Online Fabric Store for this post. 

Marketplace Recommendations:

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