About Curb Alert

Thank you so much for your interest in Curb Alert!

Dumpster diving team member buttonYou obviously have great taste or a curious side since you found my blog and decided to read more.

First of all, THANK YOU!

Well, my secret is out – I find beauty and potential in other people’s discarded items! Seriously, I have no clue why. I am still trying to figure that one out! I like to describe myself kind of “like Sanford and Son…but a little bit classier {and a whole lot craftier}!”

I want to apologize in advance to my awesome neighbors for future posts relating to the stuff that I have swiped found on their curbs and refurbished and refinished to find a new place in my home.

Really, I promise I am not trashy! In fact, I clean up pretty well, but just in case you were worried here I am…just me (an ordinary girl just like you).

~Curb Alert~

I am obsessed with “the thrill of the hunt” whether it be on the side of the curb or the Clearance Section of my favorite retail stores, Before and Afters, and all of the crafty(i?)ness that goes along with it.

“Free-Ninety-Free,” I tell ya! It makes me smile!

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Blogging has been a fun outlet to share not only my own treasures but others’ that I find inspiration in as well. It has grown into so much more as I truly am thankful for my new friends and adventures that the “blog world” has revealed to me.

If you are new here, then the best place to start might be my Project Gallery or Trash to Treasure Page, or the Tabs on my sidebar, and then work your way from there!

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So what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy. I’ll go first and share what I have found! Come on and join me, take a look around!

Any questions? Email me at info @ curbalertblog.com(make sure to remove spaces first)