Easter Bunny Sign – Myra’s Makeover

A few weeks ago I found a little tattered Easter bunny sign on the curb.

Bummy sign beforeHe was a little worn, shabby and embarrassing to stay out, so he hibernated in my garage for a while.  I was in the mood for a quick project this morning so I thought he needed some TLC and was the perfect candidate for a makeover.

The story behind the bunny sign

I have to tell you that I swiped him from my sweet friend, Myra’s curb after I stood outside and chatted with her one morning.   I don’t know why I didn’t just ask, she knows my little curbside addiction secret, but I feel so bad because she and her husband are always so sweet to our family. 

They have given us some really thoughtful gifts that have turned out to be some treasures to us, whether they are store-bought gifts or their hand-me-down home decor items….or just junk (junk to them)! 

They both have impeccable decorating taste, so her junk is usually an awesome treasure to me.  Her husband seems to get a kick out of letting me know he is about to put something out on the curb just so he can laugh at me when I go pick it up!

Easter Bunny Sign Makeover

Anyway, back to the bunny makeover…I scraped off all of the puffy letters (they stayed in-tact) and got a little side-tracked and carried away with them for a while.

Removing letters from sign

Playing scrabble in my head…until my 95 lb black labrador retriever stole them and digested them somewhere in the yard.  I guess we will find them again somewhere (in.his.poop!) – ugghhhh!

Curb alert words made out of puffy paint letters

Having fun with the removed letters

I just grabbed some paint that I had on hand and about 30 minutes later she looked good as new.  I thought about tearing off the bunny and turning it into a Halloween sign so I wouldn’t have to store it till Spring but opted for the quick version instead – so bunny it stays!

Bunny sign in the garden

Giving back

Then I figured…Myra and her husband have much more room in their garage than ours so I should just give it back to them all prettified! 

So, I took a few up-close pictures and then wrote out a note to Myra and schemed up a way to get it across the street and put it in their yard before they returned home and any other neighbors saw me!

Note for Myra

And there she is all brightened up and beautiful sign ready for her big reveal.  I cannot wait until they come home to see.  Will they be mad, surprised, happy, upset?  Oh well, we are friends so I am sure hope they won’t mind.

Freshened up sign waiting for Myra

One last thing…Have you ever seen the show “Junk Brothers” on HGTV?  They take curbside finds, rehab them and then return them to the homeowners via ding-dong-ditch!  And they videotape their reactions!  I love that show, and I see the satisfaction of them giving it back to surprise someone – I kind of felt that same kind of rush even with my own mini-makeover.  And I have to admit that they’re not too bad on the eyes either, sorry My Love! you know I love you most!

Happy Easter bunny sign: a cute update of an old sign. Fun spring project. #easterbunny #easter #easterbunnysign #spring #springsigns #recycle

Do me a favor and share my blog with at least one person that you know: someone that you wouldn’t be too embarrassed to admit you know a genuine Trash-Digger! 

I am slowly gaining my confidence in blogging and would love to share the fun!  I wouldn’t ask you to do something that I myself would not do so I am going to share this with my friend Myra-she doesn’t know about it – yet!


i***Saturday Afternoon Update***

Here’s Myra checking out her new surprise!  I apologize for the fuzzy pic – I was out of breath & panting from running over to the window when my husband told me she made it home!  She called me right away to tell me she loves it!  Thanks, Myra for being such a good sport!

Myra looking at her Easter bunny sign

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