Life with EIGHT CHILDREN! {and a DIY Sneak Peek}

Hi friends!  I have missed you the last week or so.  All is good around here.  Today I would like to share with you a little about what our family has been up to.  I have felt a little overwhelmed since we have “adopted” a few new children.   

As you know we have four beautiful, smart, fun amazing children (Hey, I’m their mom so I can at least pretend that they are absolutely perfect angels!)  We also have a cat and a dog and then the crazy happened… we somehow acquired this little guy: 

TEX!   Tex is about 9 months old and already feeling like he’s right at home.

Makes this momma smile…until the little @#+*$! stinker he loves to claw his way up MY CURTAINS!!!  What the heck was I thinking!!!

Then, just when you think we have lost all of our marbles, we decided to get this sweet gal:  BEAR!   Bear is two months old and has tons of energy to keep up with her big brother BEAU! 

They are SO in LOVE!!!

Now that’s a whole lot of bundle of cuteness, right? 
Tons of LOVEY DOVEY!!!  
Well just about the time I sit down to blog I have stuff like this happening left and right. 
Remember these Curb Alert! Outdoor Chairs that I love? 
Let’s just say I LOVED them, past tense.   As in true, I should have known puppy fashion they now look like this: 
And to make it worse, I didn’t move them until the next morning and she chewed it way beyond repair.  They ended up here.   This really upsets me and if you follow me on my Curb Alert! Facebook Page you would already know that I burned another Curbside Find.  It just made me sick to let it go but was also never going to find it’s fabulous. 
So now you can understand why I feel like I have EIGHT CHILDREN…four human and four fur!  All kidding aside, I LOVE IT!  They all make it a crazy world around here but it’s our own little crazy happy world and it makes my heart smile BIG when I am with them all!
I just may need a bit more VINO in my diet (hint,hint to my sister as my bday is coming around real soon!)

BUT WAIT!   Even with all of the crazy Kid Krazies, Kitty CATastrophes and Puppy Pooch Patrol I have somehow squeezed in a bit of DIY and this one I am in LOVE with.  It all started with this awesome old bed that I recently scored.  I have a few finishing touches on it before I reveal if but let me tell you that I AM IN LOVE! 

I have worked hard rebuilding it into some fabulousness for my home!

Here’s a little sneak peek at the direction it’s headed…I promise I will share it completed soon!
Happy Treasure Hunting! 

2 thoughts on “Life with EIGHT CHILDREN! {and a DIY Sneak Peek}”

  1. I am so glad to finally see a picture of the pup that ate your chairs. She is adorable. Love that picture of the two of them sleeping all curled up.
    Enjoy all eight of your "kids".

  2. Oh, Tami! Looks like that pup needs a ginormous chew bone! I know what it's like though. Had two puppies at the same time and thankfully they're older now. But even older they can do some damage. My big guy broke my leg two years ago. The newest kitten is now older, but in the middle of the night last week she somehow knocked over my big beautiful hurricane lamp and it ended up in smithereens. I'm still finding glass. I told my hubby that it just doesn't pay to get too attached to anything around here. Sigh. Love my fur babies though since we didn't have children. Looking forward to seeing you complete this bedbench. It's already gorgeous!


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