O Christmas Tree!


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Why do I procrastinate so
Much with thee? 

I have been giving myself a super hard time because I do not have our family tree up yet!

But today after putting up my fifth Christmas tree – four in my childrens’ rooms and a Birthday Tree in the kitchen, I have decided that I haven’t done so bad after all.  So let’s see, four children – times – four trees plus one – times two or three pictures a piece!  Well bear with me, that’s a lot of pictures!!!

I wanted to mention that two of the trees were free, one a friend gave to me and one I found by the road with a sign on it that said “free!”  The other three were purchased fully decorated at Family Dollar Store for $5 a piece! (after Christmas two years ago-that’s 15 bucks baby!)  Anyway, we have changed up the decorations a bit as per each kids’ request.  I think they turned out cute this year!
Tree #1

First up is the Birthday Tree for “Yours Truly” as I am a Christmas Eve baby.  I get excited that all is so festive around my birthday and the thought that I share my birthday at Midnight with the celebration of the birth of my Saviour:

It makes me smile to think of how I am turning 29 again this year!
Tree #2
Next up is Buttercup’s Tree.  We found this cute pink and green sock monkey and decided to decorate the tree to match!
Tree #3
Heeere’s Bubba’s Tree!  He has been obsessed with the Geo Trax Trains since he was a wee little boy and still plays with them!  I figured this is probably the last year I could get by with it so I thought “go for it!”
Tree #4
Here is LadyBug’s Tree.  She wanted a blue theme to match her blue room 🙂
Tree #5
And finally my beautiful Butterfly’s tree.  She wanted a camouflage/hunting theme.  I am not finished yet but started out with this:
Check out the fine looking boots she got last year for Christmas!
small fortune I tell ya!
I did not spend as much time on her tree as what I would have liked to because
1.  I had to stumble over clothes and papers to get to the tree and
2.  Her room smells like dirty gym socks since she barely gets her laundry done
is a superstar athlete!
Well there you have it!  All five Christmas Trees and all 15 pictures of them! Whew! Thanks for hanging in there with me!  I hope the kids love them as much as I do.
Now I hope I have the energy to decorate our family tree in the living room.  Looking forward to it!
I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season!
How many trees do you have?
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  1. Maria Elena

    Tami, all the trees and beautiful and so original! I can't wait to see your family tree! You are a very brave lady. One tree is enough for me! LOL So much work!

  2. Katie Franck

    That is a lot of trees to decorate! They all look so great & original..great job!

    In case I forget..Happy 29th Birthday!

  3. The Polka Dot Closet

    Oh, I'm just exhausted reading your post, the trees are lovely, you have to be the best Mom in the whole world letting each child have a tree. Thank you for stopping by and entering my drawing, good luck!


  4. Shiloh

    Whew! That's kind of a lot of work! We have one tree, and that's plenty for me. You've done a beautiful job with them.:)

  5. Honey at 2805

    Such adorable trees! All are just wonderful!

  6. Jen-CraftOManiac

    WHAT CUTENESS, love them. I am partial to the soak monkey one. winks, jen

  7. Miss Charming

    Fun looking tree decor! (We've stuck with just 3 this year.)

  8. Honey at 2805

    Your tree is so pretty and festive! The kids tree is adorable!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!

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