O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Why do I procrastinate so
Much with thee? 

I have been giving myself a super hard time because I do not have our family tree up yet!

But today after putting up my fifth Christmas tree – four in my childrens’ rooms and a Birthday Tree in the kitchen, I have decided that I haven’t done so bad after all.  So let’s see, four children – times – four trees plus one – times two or three pictures a piece!  Well bear with me, that’s a lot of pictures!!!

I wanted to mention that two of the trees were free, one a friend gave to me and one I found by the road with a sign on it that said “free!”  The other three were purchased fully decorated at Family Dollar Store for $5 a piece! (after Christmas two years ago-that’s 15 bucks baby!)  Anyway, we have changed up the decorations a bit as per each kids’ request.  I think they turned out cute this year!
Tree #1

First up is the Birthday Tree for “Yours Truly” as I am a Christmas Eve baby.  I get excited that all is so festive around my birthday and the thought that I share my birthday at Midnight with the celebration of the birth of my Saviour:

It makes me smile to think of how I am turning 29 again this year!
Tree #2
Next up is Buttercup’s Tree.  We found this cute pink and green sock monkey and decided to decorate the tree to match!
Tree #3
Heeere’s Bubba’s Tree!  He has been obsessed with the Geo Trax Trains since he was a wee little boy and still plays with them!  I figured this is probably the last year I could get by with it so I thought “go for it!”
Tree #4
Here is LadyBug’s Tree.  She wanted a blue theme to match her blue room 🙂
Tree #5
And finally my beautiful Butterfly’s tree.  She wanted a camouflage/hunting theme.  I am not finished yet but started out with this:
Check out the fine looking boots she got last year for Christmas!
small fortune I tell ya!
I did not spend as much time on her tree as what I would have liked to because
1.  I had to stumble over clothes and papers to get to the tree and
2.  Her room smells like dirty gym socks since she barely gets her laundry done
is a superstar athlete!
Well there you have it!  All five Christmas Trees and all 15 pictures of them! Whew! Thanks for hanging in there with me!  I hope the kids love them as much as I do.
Now I hope I have the energy to decorate our family tree in the living room.  Looking forward to it!
I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season!
How many trees do you have?
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