Repurposed Baby Bed Turned Outdoor Patio Bench

This baby bed was stunning to begin with, but after turning it into an outdoor patio bench it’s unbelievable!  Take a look at it now: a repurposed baby bed turned patio bench! GORGEOUS!

Finished patio bench

Step By Step Repurposed Baby Bed Turned Into An Outdoor Patio Bench

It would be a shame to just store it away for years or even decades saving it for future grandbabies. Why not put it in full use now? Of course, when the owner asked me to convert it into a bench I was beyond excited!

Baby bed parts

It was in amazing condition so half of the battle was already won. I then started the build.

This one was a dream because all of the seam joints were square, making it much easier than some to fit flush against the sides.

Baby bed

Working on the seat

Here it is all built, seat stained before I painted it.

The bench before painting

It was tempting to leave it this way but the owner requested a black distressed look. She had a great vision because I love the way it turned out!

Work in progress

Beautiful!!! I am in love with the distressing, it just really adds that special touch!

Close up of the distressing

Side view of patio bench

The back of the bench

Check out the beautiful stain on the bench seat! I used Minwax Dark Walnut Stain for this one: an absolute favorite color of mine.

Seat closeup

Distressing detail

This bench would look great in my home! Did I mention how much I love it? Even better, it made me so happy when I saw a picture of the owner’s beautiful kiddos (who all three used the baby bed) sitting on their new family bench on their front porch! Priceless!

Thank you, Courtney!

This is my 16th Headboard Bench Makeover. You can see them all on my Project Gallery Page Here. Each one is so unique, I cannot wait to build more!

A repurposed baby bed will live on in the family, regardless if you create a patio bench like this one, or another piece of furniture to display in your home somewhere.

Check out my repurposed baby bed, turned into a gorgeous outdoor bench. You can do the same with your children's beds, and enjoy them for years to come. #babybed #repurposedbabybed #recycled #upcycled #furnituremakeover

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  1. Hi Tami I need your assistance. I am getting read to finish a bed to bench and want to us it outside. Would you tell me what sealers, paint, stains and finish is best to use for outdorr use? I want to thank you in advance for the help you may share. Karen


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