Rustic Solid Wood Dresser Makeover

Sanding, Refinishing, Painting Furniture takes time and during that time my mind tends to wander.  While working on my last makeover I had to stop myself many times from making a complete fool out of myself as I called my furniture piece by name, out loud.  What? you don’t name your furniture?  Well after spending so much time with mine I tend to and this one is no exception.  I present to you a new Rustic Solid Wood Dresser…a.k.a. “The Boyfriend” Dresser!

Why “The Boyfriend” dresser?  Well my daughter went to Goodwill and brought home this piece…

in hopes that I would help her paint it.

Sweet girl, bless her heart.  She bought it for her boyfriend’s apartment for $30 and asked if I could make it look a bit rustic to match his existing furniture.  Here is an inspiration picture she showed me.

source: PB Ashby Dresser
Again, bless her heart for entrusting that I can pull off the look with paint but I would feel better about putting that much work into something that will last quite a bit longer than the white laminate furniture. 
She agreed to allow me to resell the white dresser and come up with plan B. 
Here is plan B:   Solid wood dresser for $50 that has a hideous spray paint job! 
She about fell over when I showed her my picture and thought I lost my mind or my $50 but I assured her that there was a wood grain under there just waiting to be discovered! 
So I got to work right away and was actually surprised at how fast the sanding process went.  That spray paint was the thinnest I have ever worked with so its removal didn’t take long at all! 
I applied Minwax PreStain Conditioner as directed and then stained the entire piece with Minwax Pine Stain.  I let it dry overnight and then sealed it with Minwax Polyurethane. 
And here it is, in all its beautiful wood grain glory!
I am quite pleased with the results. It reminds me of THIS Pottery Barn inspired DRESSER MAKEOVER, or THIS Dark Walnut Stained DRESSER that I sold long ago.

“The Boyfriend” loved it and was very excited when we delivered it to him! – Makes this momma very happy 🙂 unless he breaks up with her and then…well…I won’t go into that!

I would like to mention that this is not a sponsored post but thank Minwax Company for their generous gift of new stains, sealers and supplies!  I love their products and am always excited to try their new lines.  I’ll be sure to share some more about them in the future!

Here is a reminder of the before and after, because everyone loves a good before and after!

What do you think?
Funny how someone painted over probably thinking it was hideous and now I have restored it back to its original state.  To each is own I guess.  
As always, thanks for checking out my newest Curb Alerts! 

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