Waterfall Style Antique Chifferobe Wardrobe

Recently I stopped by at the last hour of a church sale and spotted this sad lonely dresser – a waterfall style antique chifferobe wardrobe!

Chifferobe as it was sitting on the curb

Everyone was passing it up because it was in a despicable shape. I kind of felt bad for the person who donated it, thinking they might have to take it back, or even worse, send it to the burn pile.

But this blue price tag screamed out at me and right away I thought “Game on!”

Blue price tag of $15

I could tell the two boys were snickering at me while they were loading it up into the back of  my two day old new SUV.  MyLove wasn’t too thrilled either when I got home, maybe because of this…

Broken bottom of furniture

or this…

Inside damage of antique wardrobe

My goodness, what did I get myself into?

I’ve got it home and now I’m committed to it.

Challenge Accepted!

Antique Chifferobe Wardrobe Transformation

I spent lots of time kicking out the ugly tattered boards.

Lots of time vacuuming and cleaning each piece of the wood, top to bottom, side to side.

E v e r y    I n c h!

-thank goodness it was trash day-

Scraping veneer off the old furniture

Lots of stripping out torn and peeled veneer.

Peeled veneer

Lots of pressing and gluing tattered edges.

Before and after pics of the inside of the chifferobe

And tons of frustration to go along with it that. It almost ended up on the curb a few times!

There were times when I wanted to rip every ounce of ugly veneer, and paint the entire piece with chalk paint, but throughout the process I didn’t have the heart!

Look at a knob before and after the refinishing

I love the look of wood-grain too much, so I  tried to salvage as much of it as I could, veneer or not!

Then finally, the potential started to unfold,  and I was seeing the beauty in this piece.

Starting to look nice

Do you see it too?

Antique Wardrobe Waterfall Style Chifferobe Armoire

It’s a beauty, isn’t it?

Lots of room for storage, folded and hanging clothes.

You could even put a little mirror in it and put your makeup on right there!

To me it looks perfect for a gentleman; so, I can imagine him looking in the mirror to fix his tie!

Looking inside of the wardrobe: nice silver/gray color!

It’s not perfect, in fact it shows a lot of imperfections, but like I previously mentioned I tried to save as much of the original look as I could.

I painted the top, sides and insides with Annie Sloan Graphite and heavy Dark Wax.

Here is a closer look at the color. The further away you stand, the darker it looks.

Annie Sloan Graphite color

I stained entire inside with Minwax Sedona Red and Poly to seal it up!
The saved woodgrain veneer was renewed with Minwax Dark Walnut and Poly.
It really brought out the richness of this piece!

And of course my favorite is a little surprise on the inside…

Peek a Boo Drawers!

-in a cute grey chevron pattern-

Peek a Boo Drawers

After I was reviewing his Glamour Shots I thought something was missing so  I decided to add a little trim today.

Just a bit of trim added to complete the look

But no Glamour Shots today because it’s raining so these garage pics will have to suffice.

Just what it needed (I think)! The curves reminded me of a waterfall!

It was a tough job but now in hindsight I am super pleased with it!

I would love to hear from you 🙂
Maybe I could use a Basket full of Sunshine with all of this rain!

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