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Things have been crazy busy the last few weeks as we have been preparing to sell our home.  I am happy to say that we listed it last week and five days later


I realized that I have shared with you so many of my Curb Alert! projects but I have never shared with you the actual spaces where we live! 
Well lucky you … or maybe not but here it is and this is how we live (with the boring beige walls and toned down decor while the house is on the market!) 
Welcome to our Home! 
(for the next 45 days)
We live in a small suburb of Houston and have lovingly called this little spot our home for the last six years.
It’s located on an awesome corner lot and I have truly loved it as I have been able to glance out of one of our seven kitchen windows to watch my children play in the afternoons. 
It’s a quiet little culdesac tucked away in our neighborhood that doesn’t see very much traffic.  I never thought I would tell my kids “go outside and play in the street” but I have time and time again.
These azaleas only bloom once a year but what a pretty sight during that brief time! 
Our back yard is nothing to boast about but our kids have enjoyed it on many play dates and also quiet times.    We have also entertained quite a bit and this little patio area has been perfect!  Our dog loves it back there as well, and rolls around in the landscaping that we have worked so hard to keep up with! 
I LOVE these banana trees and have used them many times as Curb Alert! furniture reveal backdrops. 
We have many more beautiful Flowers in the Landscaping.  You can read about them in my post 
Now back around to the front and welcome to our 
Front Porch! 
The front entry leads right into our Dining Room with ceilings up to 14′ tall!
It looks a little bland to me as we took down most of the pictures and personal decor items but that saves something for me to share with you in our next home, right?
Living Room
The Kitchen and Breakfast Room
Many memories of looking out these windows while my kids’ played outside adventures. 
Where I blog and where the kids do their homework.
You can see more kitchen pics in my Red Kitchen Reveal.
Master Bedroom
Master Bath
Kid Room

Teen Room
Guest Bath
There are so many beautiful homes out there . . . I’m not quite sure how this one compares.  We sure have worked hard on it to make it our own.  Ultimately though, we have great memories here and will treasure them for a lifetime.  I have loved this home, our community and friends, and the little seaside city that we have lived.  I will truly miss it all but know that there are many new adventures awaiting for us ahead!

18 thoughts on “Curb Alert! Home Tour”

  1. I loved the tour of your home. It is hard to leave a house with so many good memories isn't it. But you get to keep your memories.

    You did a great job of staging your home. It makes a big difference in how fast your home sells.
    Can't wait to see your next home.

  2. Congratulations!!! I can see why it sold so quickly -you did a beautiful job on it – and beside water? Heaven!
    Good luck on your next adventure 🙂
    ( maybe you can buy the one I just listed today lol )

  3. You're home looks beautiful. You'd seriously get claustrophobic in mine. And what suburb in Houston? I have family all over the Houston area.

  4. The house that built you !!! That's what I thought when I read this post. I have one of those in Andersoon Texas .. Just a love and memories there and kids growing up sort of thing… I am so happy for your new journey . I feel beyond blessed to call you a really good friend. YOU mean THE WORLD to me.. Thus the world you will think of me everytime you see the world LOL .. HUGS and Love all the pics of your house .. The tour is fabulous ……………..Sherry

  5. Congratulations on your home selling so fast! But I can see why – it's gorgeous! I've so enjoyed my tour. Guess what? We're neighbors! I live in Galveston.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  6. Your home is beautiful inside and out! I am sure that your gorgeous style and decorating talent helped to sell it so quickly!

    Best wishes on your next adventure! Visiting from Maria Elena's party…love your blog!:)


  7. Hey Tami, hope you are now shopping for the next place you will call home. You know, I was sure that I had posted on this the other day, but cannot locate it. I'm over from Maria's party. And you're right after all the years, I recall seeing your curb finds and have loved them very much. Who knew you were hiding your beautiful home! Love it!


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