DIY Knockoff Wood Shim Starburst Mirror

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Hi friends!  It is time again for another Knockoff Tour and today I am sharing a project that I have been wanting to do for a very, very long time! 
It’s My version of the DIY Knockoff Wood Shim Starbust Mirror! 

It turned out big (42″ wide) , it turned out beautiful (just like the retail version at $300) and I just love it!  You’ll have to step back and take another look to really appreciate how large it is!  
Let me show you…

Isn’t it gorgeous! 
I worked on it almost the entire weekend!
(in between dress shopping for my 8th grader’s dance, a bathing suit for myself, attending a b’day party, refinishing a dresser, date night with my hubby and lots of rain!)
But I was determined to finish in time to show you today and so glad that I pushed on! 
It was actually super easy but only because of the complete step by step instructions that I found over at Infarrantly Creative!  I would love to share my own tutorial but after reading Beckie’s I realized that I wouldn’t do it justice. 
Supply List: 
8 packages of wood shims
3 1/2 tubes of Liquid Nails adhesive
1 cut piece of 1/4″ luan
1 decorative mirror
Minwax Woodfinish Spray in Golden Oak
electric palm sander
mini sander
Here are a few tips and experiences that I have to share for this project: 
* Infarrantly Creative (IC) sanded and stained all of her shims first.  I sanded the entire piece with the palm sander once I had all of the shims glued together.  Her way is pretty tedius but does give a much smoother result on the edges.    I love the rustic look of mine so was pleased with how it turned out. 
* (IC) stained her shims in four different colors before adhering the pieces together making her starburst have a beautiful contrast. My shims were pretty diverse to begin with so I left them as is and then sprayed my entire piece with the Minwax Woodfinish Spray. It was super easy and quick and I loved the result.  It also dried super fast.
*Make sure your back piece (the luan board) is just a few inches shy of the width of the starburst.  Mine only covered about 3/4 of the backside making it a bit more flimsy.  I ended up cutting an additional piece for extra support.
* I cannot stress enough that if the adhesive product states to allow 24-48 hours to dry then I would recommend to allow the entire drying period.  I got pretty anxious to prop my mirror up for photos but realized I needed to wait much longer to allow it all to properly dry! 
Whew!  The above details make it seem a lot more difficult than it really is. 
Just be sure to have lots of patience and stick with it and it will turn out beautiful. 
I am so glad I have finally been able to work on this project.
I couldn’t be more pleased!
Now for some more projects inspired by familiar high end stores!

Let’s see what some of my friends have been up to…


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  1. Christy James

    This is stunning! AND very ambitious! I know this was a ton of work, but well worth it! XO

  2. Http://

    Oh wow! Your mirror is incredible! Such perfection. I love it.

  3. Farm Fresh Vintage Finds

    Tami this looks so awesome. Great job!

  4. Julie Lilacs and Longhorns

    Wow!! The mirror is amazing — LOVE it! Pinning!

  5. Jennifer Schmitz

    This turned out great. So pretty!

  6. monkey

    tami this is stunning i can't believe it is wood shims i love love it xx

  7. Marigene

    AWESOME! I love it…what patience you have.

  8. Artsy Chicks Rule

    That is AMAZING!! You so knocked it outta the park! Love it Tami 🙂


  9. Postcards from the ridge

    Wow this is amazing, Tami! You are so talented. And patient! It really does look great.

  10. Dria S

    This is so beautiful, you did an incredible job!!

  11. Vanessa


    Fabulous! What a great piece and I am so wanting to make this, to bad we don't live close to each other so you can help me. LOL, I love your KNock Off friend. Beautiful!

  12. the cape on the corner

    i've seen this many times before, but it still kills me. so good!

  13. Zarina Quinn

    I love this! This is such a good idea. I can't believe I never thought of it. Beautiful!

  14. Holy Craft

    This is just beautiful! Well done!

  15. Estelle Maxwell

    Beautiful.. what size is your mirror

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