From Brassy Gold to Pearly White Chandelier Makeover

Remember the White Chandelier I showed you a few weeks ago with my Girls Vanity Table Makeover?

Well here is a quick tutorial showing you how easy it was to turn an old Brassy Gold Chandelier into a Stunning Pearly White Beauty! 

Of course you have to see the Before first so you will totally appreciate the After!

It has sure seen better days! 
8 bucks for the chandelier and 5 dollars for a bag of random white beads – not bad for my little thrift store excursion. 
I pulled out the wiring in the chandelier and painted it all white with a spray paint primer in case the beads ended up not covering the entire surface area of the chandelier. (they didn’t) 
Start at the bottom of the chandelier and start wrapping the beads, glueing every few inches with a glue gun and work your way up each tier!  I balanced mine upside down in a large pot, worked very well. 
It takes time and patience but once you start working on it you will not want to stop as it all starts to come together!
You will see some gaps in the string of pearls, especially around the curves but no worries.  Just cut a bead or two and glue it in all the the gaps. 
Keep wrapping, and glueing, and wrapping, and wrapping some more!
So far so good and a few hours later you are ready to turn the chandelier right side up!  I hung mine from my kitchen chandelier to work on the hanging crystals and pearls.
I love the way it looks already but I kept thinking more bling is better in this case, and I had to meet the approval of my six year old since it will be residing in her room. 
The stringed beads were originally in long various sizes making it a little difficult to maneuver so
I draped the strands of beads over just to get an idea of the overall look that I wanted.  I then cut a dozen or so strands in equal lengths so they would be easier to work with.   
You mind notice some of the beads are square crystals.  I used some on the strands and glued other single pieces in clumps around the neck of the chandelier.  (per the advice of the six year old!) 
I stepped back a hundred or more times; put some glue here, more beads there…until I felt it was complete!
Six year old loves it.  We put battery tea lights in it and she uses it as her very special girly night-light! 
Let’s dim the lights, shall we? 
It sure looks great with little girls new White Vanity Desk and Chair.
I hope you enjoyed my Pearly White Chandelier Makeover! 
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I appreciate you taking the time to read Curb Alert!
Have a great weekend! 

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