Pottery Barn Inspired Trunk Side Table

Welcome to the April Theme Furniture Makeover Day.
This month’s theme is inspired by Pottery Barn!

Here is my version of the Pottery Barn Ludlow Trunk Side Table:

You won’t believe what this little trunk started out as, take a look here —->>>

Do you remember seeing it in my Blue Leather Chair Makeover Post?
Cute little puppies but not quite up to date for our modern day decor.
I kept my inspiration piece (The PB Ludlow Trunk Side Table) close by so I could keep the creativity flowing:
First some pretty pictures of my roses and then I’ll show you how I made it.
Now for the quick and easy version of details on the build: 
I first measured the bottom of the trunk and then built a base to fit with scrap wood pieces that I had in my garage.
I added large dowels to the base as well.
I attached the base to the bottom of the trunk by screwing in L-brackets.
Ends up my measurements are the exact same as the inspiration piece!
I painted out the entire piece with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.
I kind of like the brassy look…
…but had to move on since that was just my first coat.
I then dabbed my brush in Annie Sloan Old White Paint and some Behr Tan sample paint and then dry brushed the trunk.
It took me only a few hours from start to finish and by this afternoon I had a brand new piece in my home.
That was it.
I’m pretty impressed at how it turned out!
Check out how super clean the inside is, not bad for a $10 old thrift store puppy trunk.
Great for holding treasures.
And here it is in my home.
Guess I’ll have to keep her.
It looks great next to my DIY Headboard Bench.
In fact, my entryway looks more like an I Spy DIY Game:
It reminds me that with the right inspiration, anything is possible no matter what your budget.
My total cost for this piece was about $17 (trunk and spraypaint) – not bad.
I sure hope you enjoyed my little Pottery Barn Inspired Trunk Side Table.
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12 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Inspired Trunk Side Table”

  1. I knew the minute I saw this….It was gonna be one of those animal boxes LOL I was like "DANG HER for thinking of this before me" LOL It is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to share! I will be on the hunt now looking for one!
    Have a great day!


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