Oh Deer! I Gave in to the Antler Craze!

That’s right.  I gave in.   
Here they are: 
Cute, right? 
But you wont believe what they looked like before!  Come take a look…

I found these plaster antlers at Goodwill and could not pass up the $2.99 price-tag.  Better yet, I got them at 30% off so for around 2 bucks I was game.  Sad thing is they have sat in our cabinet for almost six months!

Not much of a deal if they are just shoved in a cabinet.  I had plans for them but just wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to execute it, until today.  I purchased a wood plaque to mount them on, but they just never looked right tied up the way they were.  I also couldn’t figure out how I was going to adhere them to the surface of the plaque.  
I felt daring and I got out our chisel and hammer and chipped away at the antlers until they came apart.  I wasn’t sure if it would work for fear of the ceramic plaste cracking, but it DID work! 
I used super glue and glued some pieces together and then chiseled and filed away at the parts that stuck out. There was still a hole in the side…now what? 
Buttercup’s PlayDoh to the rescue! 
I smoothed it over even more than what the pic shows and it worked great! 
I allowed it to dry overnight and then spraypainted the antlers with Gold SprayPaint! I used Rustoleum Metallics brand, my favorite! 
I SuperGlued my antlers to the wood plaque that I painted with a matte black craft paint and again let it dry overnight. 
Here is my super complicated glueing technique – I propped the antlers up on some fake apple decor since they seemed to be just the right height for this project. 
Worked like a charm!
Bet you cannot even tell where the PlayDoh is, can you?
I added a wooden decor piece and a glass knob that I originally purchased for my friend’s Spartan Green Dresser makeover last year.  You can see how I transformed the dresser HERE.  
Finally I added a bit more gold by dry brushing the edges and embellishment with some shiny craft paint.  A great little touch in my opinion especially since I wanted it to flow with the other pieces in my entryway. 
 Buttercup decided it would be a great scarf holder and I agree, look how cute!  I love how it serves as double duty!  You could also hang jewelry or cute little signs on it or just leave it as-is.
I can imagine something cute on it for Valentine’s Day.  
For another fun Faux Mounted Deer Head project Click HERE, you will never believe what I made it out of.
What a fun project! I love the way it turned out – what do you think? 
Do you think the Glammed Up Antler Craze is just a fading fad or here to stay?
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TDC Before and After

6 thoughts on “Oh Deer! I Gave in to the Antler Craze!”

  1. DANG GIRL!!! Those are awesome!! Man, I looked everywhere for something EXACTLY like this for my sister for Christamas and couldn't find anything ANYWHERE! Love, Love, Love these my friend!! BRAVO!

  2. What a great job! I love them! I wish I would find a pair or someone would give me some – until then I was thinking about making them out of paper mache…:) Have a great weekend! Julia


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