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Tuesday, January 21
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Today it’s my turn!

I decided to tame the junk drawer by Organizing our Homeowners Manuals.
I have been pinning away at all of the awesome Household Binders on Pinterest and now I’m jumping in!

Here goes!

We moved into our home last summer and the previous owner was kind enough to have saved all of the homeowner’s manuals for the house.  For the last nine months they have been shoved into the same drawer as the day we moved in making it filled to the brim! 
As we have purchased more items for the home I have just shoved them into the drawer as well! 
The drawer was getting too cluttered and the last time I opened it it tore one of the pages off of the paperwork!  That bothered neurotic ole me so I decided to do something about it! 
Now I fibbed a little in the title pic, ” Five Dollars in Five Minutes” but just a little.   It did only cost me 5 dollars for this project and each step took only about 5 minutes so in all reality it didn’t take me long at all! 
It actually took me longer to decide on which cute binders to use than it did the whole project itself!  
Office Depot had some great super thick sheet protectors that on sale only cost me a little over $5.  The description boasts that each pocket holds up to 100 sheets!  I was pleasantly surprised that they held up exceptionally well!
I already had the two binders on hand so I was excited to finally put them to good use.  I try to purchase them when they go on clearance since my kids go through them so quickly at school. 
I sorted out all of the Owner’s Manuals by room…Kitchen Manuals, Electrical Manuals, Garage Equipment, Tool Manuals and Outdoor/Recreation Manuals. 
It really didn’t take too long, like I mentioned before…5 minutes! 
I even threw away some of them.  Do we really need 5 Hunter Fan manuals when they are all the same model?  No! 
So I grabbed our 3″ D-Ring black binder and stuffed all of the pockets with the paperwork.  I was getting excited seeing it all come together! 

The entire time I was thinking, “Why Thank You Previous Homeowner” as I have been confused about exactly how to clean the Ice Maker (which is an awesome appliance by the way-it’s like having Sonic Ice in your own home!) and our Central Vac System has gone kaputz recently and I had no idea who to call until now!   She really saved me a lot of time by saving all of this! 

And here’s a tip, when you purchase a new appliance or piece of equipment be sure to mark on the pages with the following: 
1.  Where you purchased the item
2.  Date of  purchase
3.  Purchase price 
4.  Proof of purchase (staple the receipt right on top!)

After I stuffed the binders full, I printed a cute cover page to go on top! 
So Easy, So Peasy!

Now it’s your turn!  Go forth and Organize!
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