Gold Frame Updated in White…then Back to Gold!

Gold Ornate Frame
I have had this frame for a few years now and I LOVE it! 

It didn’t always look like that.  Well let me back up,

 it was first brassy gold, then I painted it white, and now I can’t believe that it’s gold again!
I loved writing little sayings on it and the kids enjoyed decorating it from time to time!

Wow!  Check out that RED KITCHEN!
You can see the whole room HERE!
I do miss it at times but love not being stuck with the all red decor. 
About the Frame:
Speed up to current day and I broke out the paints and got to work with transforming it back to gold. 
Current day actually means last fall and I am now just showing you. 
I have no painting pics but here’s what I did: 
I first painted the frame dark brown, then lightly brushed it with a light tan. I then dry brushed it with two variations of gold until I got the look I wanted. 
Got that?  Very simple, very easy! 
(Man I wish I would have taken pics!) 
Anyway, don’t you just love it when you paint something back to what you orginally hated? 
Now I’m super pleased with it now that it’s a more muted gold instead of the brassy gold.
About the Picture:
I found one of my favorite pics of some random,awesome,gorgeous my family and used to enlarge it.  Great service as it was only $14.99 and ready the same afternoon that I submitted the order. 
(This is not a sponsored post, I am just sharing my experience of what I love)
I used spray glue to adhere it to a foam board that I cut with my handy dandy super sharp cutting tool. 
Here it is attached to the foam board.
It fit back into the frame perfectly.   Don’t get too excited about my classiness just yet, here it the back side showing how I attached it all.  Don’t judge, just enjoy! 
It also shows the layer of dark brown base coat.
Finally here it is in our entryway.  I love the pops of gold and red in the space!
It makes me happy every time I walk in the front door.
Sources for items in the room: 
The Headboard Bench:  click HERE 
Zebra Pillows made out of Placemats:  click HERE
Houndstooth Pillows:  HERE
Faux Deer Antlers Wall Mount:  HERE
Frame with Cross:  Cavenders
Area Rug:  Tuesday Morning
What do you think?
I cannot BELIEVE I am going back to gold but I LOVE it! 
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