Love You “Deerly” (Mod Podge Plaque)

I have enjoyed reading through the inspiration of the other bloggers on our Valentine’s Tour.  Lots of inspiration for Valentines, for Love and for the love of Red! 
Here’s mine:
Love you “Deerly” Mod Podge Plaque
Last week when I was working on my Faux Deer Antlers I was playing around with the idea of

 the deer head sillouettes.  

Ultimately I nixed the idea of using the sillouettes and gave the printouts to my 5 year old.  She had fun coloring them and blinging them up and then begged me to make  a plaque for her.  

I know it’s kind of silly but when your little Curb Alert! sidekick is begging and smiling and batting her sweet little eyes, how can I say no!

I found this little plaque from Goodwill for 79cents.  I grabbed it awhile back for the intention of repurposing the wood.  Okay so it has “Matty” painted on it with seashells, not a problem.  I scraped off all of the shells (sorry Matty), sanded it well, and then painted over it in my favorite Rustoleum Ultra2x Colonial Red. 
I LOVE the look of the red, don’t you? I decided on which deer sillouette I wanted to use.
I then created a Word Document on my computer and reversed the image to use as a guide for my wording. 
I had to get out my glasses and small nail clippers for this one as the wording was very small.  The scissors are curved so it made cutting much easier.  
I placed the pieces on the plaque and then used ModPodge all over to adhere it.  I love the stuff and it’s so easy to work with.  Just paint it over the entire object and wait for it to dry and you’re done.  Don’t worry if it first looks cloudy, give it some time and you will love the results!
You can see my very first blog project where I used the ModPodge, my Blah to Ooh-La-La Dresser.
I added a little bling here and there leftover from my DIY Rustic Wood Frame Project
Every little girl loves bling and it was the first thing mine noticed when she saw it.  Yes, I went ahead and gave it to her early and she LOVEs it.  I keep telling her “Love ya Deerly” and she gives me a great big smile.   Seeing that makes this project so worth it! 
Well that wraps up the Valentine Tour.  I hope you take some time to visit the other bloggers as they have some cute ideas! HERE is the link to all of their blogs!

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9 thoughts on “Love You “Deerly” (Mod Podge Plaque)”

  1. I love this Idea! My daughter is 14 and I am so excited cause I am getting all kinds of Ideas for Valentines for her and I happen to have EVERYTHING to do this but the Printer. Well I have the printer but itr needs ink 🙁 Ok so, how did you get the paper from the words not to show up on the plaque? From your picture I didnt see any difference of color. Oh also, apparently I am commenting under Laura B from Google for some reason, probably cause it came from FB.


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