God Bless America: Patriotic Pallet Flag

God Bless America

Land that I love.

Stand beside her, and guide her 
Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies,

To the oceans, white with foam 

God bless America, 
My home sweet home.
I hope you enjoyed my Patriotic Flag Pallet and a little visit around my very own
Home Sweet Home!
This pallet was easy to make but…
I am not the genius here, my Patriotic Pallet is a copycat version of my friend Amanda of Mommyiscoocoo.com, you can see her awesome pallet that inspired me HERE.   The moment I saw it I just had to have one for myself!

Not sure where to find Free Pallets? 

Check out my post on How to Score Free Pallets Here!
For more great pallet ideas you can visit my Pinterest page Pallet Ideas HERE.

Now It’s summer time! – How did that happen!?!

I am already feeling in the Patriotic mood!  
It’s never too early for some Patriotic Flag Dessert!
Oh, and where are those cute DIY Patriotic Flip Flops?
Gotta be prepared!
God Bless America!

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