LePetit French Bakery Table

Hi there friends!  Remember a few days ago I showed you how I did that cute little French Bakery Stencil?  As promised, today I am sharing the cute LePetit French Bakery Table as part of the Monthly Themed Furniture Makeover Series!

Here is what I started with:

Lots of deep dents and scratches, shredded veneer, but with a little TLC and paint look at her now… 

Croissants, anyone?

A better picture of the paint colors below; in some lighting it looks more gray, and then more cream in others.  
Check out her legs!!! 

I ended up stripping off all of the damages veneer and I might add that I didn’t do a very good job of it.  That sucker was adhered so tight that I had to chisel in a few places and damaged the top even further. 

Lots of sanding and lots of patience later I was able to turn the table into what I think looks like a well loved old heirloom farmhouse table that you may find in a quaint little family owned french bakery!
I painted/dry brushed the table in various layers of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray and “oops” paint from Behr in a light cream. 
I added the stencil for the finishing touch: 
Paysde Forealquier
Le Petit Gateau
English Translation:
The French Bakery
Forealquier Country Provence
The Little Cake
I shared a step by step tutorial on how I painted the stencil and where you too can purchase the same IN THIS POST
It was super easy! 
Now that I am hungry, I am going to grab a french roll and take a look at my blogger friends’ projects.  Come join me! 


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