Monogram {M} Gallery Wall

Hello my fellow Treasure Hunters!
We ALMOST have all of our belongings unpacked and I just could not wait to start decorating our new home!
Today I am going to share with you a little Gallery Wall that I put together.  It is on a little wall space between our kitchen and hallway.  The wall measures about three feet wide and faces our living room.
It originally looked like this, pretty plain and boring:
I’ve had some ideas rolling around in my head for quite awhile with the help from Pinterest and thought this would be the perfect spot to execute my
Monogram {M} Gallery Wall!
Here are two of my favorite ideas:
Image via:
I am pleased to say that this project costs me nothing at the moment, as I already had a collection in my home.  I am in love of all things Monogrammed and Personalized.  You can view some of my favorite pins on my Pinterest Boards but beware…you know that once you start it’s hard to put Pinterest down!
I have always displayed the monograms in various places in my home but now I love how they all go together and make a statement. I guess that statement is that our name starts with letter M. Yes, MyLove I understand you think it’s silly but my 4 year old LOVES it and so do my friends so here it will stay!
Want to know how I did it?  Well it’s not some technical layout like you will find on other decor websites.  I started in the middle with the red M on the shelf and worked my way out from there.
The red M used to reside above my white kitchen cabinets in our previous home.
The framed Capital M was purchased years ago at Kirklands.
I made the following Framed M by framing a Hobby Lobby magnet.  I just added the bow and button to embellish it and have loved it ever since.   Recognize the round black frame it is in?  It’s the frame I used around my Holiday Framed Faux Mounted Deer Head.
I also added a Hobby Lobby cross to a frame and placed it on the wall along with my scroll iron cross.
Again, I love these pieces and excited that they fit in the decor.


I tried to use the smallest nails possible since I am very indecisive on placement.  Again, I am not technical about it…I just eyeball it and a few messed up nail holes later it’s complete.
Last up is from Hobby Lobby.  I have a thing for Gold so this one makes me happy too!
I love the way it looks.  I love how you can see it from when you walk in the front door, I love the added touch of the crosses.   Now I am searching for the perfect Script M to finish it off.  Let me know if you see a really pretty one, okay?
What do you think?  I would love to hear from you as I HAVE TRULY MISSED interacting with my Curb Alert! friends!  It has felt like major blog withdrawal – seriously!
I am so excited to show you our new home.  It is finally starting to reflect our personality and genuinely feel like our own! (Did you happen to notice our granite counters and wood floors! IN LOVE!)
TDC Before and After

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  1. Love this wall, I love the idea of this and I have a shelf that I have all my "P" on. Though yours looked so much neater for sure, just might have to work on a new project. LOL

    Thanks for sharing.


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