My Partner in Crime {VBS Church Decor Part 2}

Like I mentioned before, last week our church held our annual Summer VBS and this year’s theme was Adventures on Promise Island.   MyLove is now officially my partner in crime.  When he saw that it was a beachy theme and I was collecting 12 beach chairs from the curb, he insisted on building me some real-life props to make it all more realistic.

p.s. those boogie boards are from the curb if you remember way back when! {sponge bob and shrek}

Remember how I made these Lifesaving Rings from curbside finds? You can read more about them{here}.
Here is the Lifeguard Chair inspiration from the VBS Curriculum: 

Following is the version that My Love built for us: 
The “Monkey Lifeguard” filled the station when it was unattended by our real person lifeguard!  The kids loved it as she directed traffic, blew her whistle advising the kid groups where to go for their activities.
The Lifeguard happened to be my oldest daughter who I thought did a fabulous job, Thanks Butterfly!

Break’s over Ms. Lifeguard, now get back up on your stand!

Next up is the Lifeguard Tower.
Inspiration Photo from the VBS Curriculum:
MyLove’s Creation during Progress:
With a little painting help from a church friend (MyLove Hates to paint!), and a bit from the Curb (couldn’t resist another curb-find!)
My Beautiful Loyal Assistant prettied them up a bit with her final touches!
And here’s Oars, I mean Ours!
I love how it turned out and so did the kids 🙂
What do you think? 
How did MyLove do? 
I think he’s a keeper!

2 thoughts on “My Partner in Crime {VBS Church Decor Part 2}”

  1. Tami, your love did great! I love all the photos and his take on the theme. Bless his heart…he's a keeper! I know the VBS kids were thrilled and so excited to see what was next! Such a fun time for kids and it's great to have out of the box thinking for thrilling them. Y'all are a great team for curb hopping!


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