Outdoor Garden Bench Makeover


Hi! Welcome to another Themed Furniture Makeover Day! Our theme for this month is “Outdoors” and it’s hot out so have a seat and join us!


Oh, sorry! This seat is rickety and old. Maybe you will like it a bit more after I share with you my Outdoor Garden Bench Makeover!

I found this bench on someone’s curb and took it with the intention of making it over for my kiddos outdoor playhouse – I am embarrassed to say that was THREE YEARS ago! Man, talk about procrastination! So when my blogging friends chose the theme for this month I jumped at the chance to work on this guy!

I took apart the bench and purchased new wood slats. I used the same measurements across but decided to make the width about 1/2″ thicker to make it more sturdy.

I purchased 1×4 pine wood and ripped them down to 2 1/2 wide on the table saw. I then routered the edges with my favorite Rigid Router tool.

I chose to paint them green with Rustoleum Hunter Green spray paint. You will see why I chose green later in the post.
Next I worked on the metal brackets by thoroughly cleaning with soapy water and a brush and then scraped off excess residue and rust with a wire brush.
Here they are with a coat of gray spray primer. I then spray painted them with Rustoleum Hammered Black.

I purchased all new hardware and screwed all of the bench parts back together. Ahhh, much better, now you can sit down comfortably!


Our back yard is in dire need of a total makeover (it is currently dirt!) but decided to make the kiddos comfortable first and chose the playhouse as the new home for our bench…now the green makes more sense!
See my d.i.y. Garden Chandelier hidden up there. I had so much fun making it a few years ago and need to replace the plants again.
I love how it fits right in perfectly and refreshes the space. It is a good starting point for the rest of the yard as I will try to work with the colors of my pottery that I love!
Thanks for stopping by Curb Alert! and checking out my new Outdoor Garden Bench!
I would love for you to scroll down and see what my blogging friends have shared – they never disappoint!


  1. Debra Pashkowsky

    If I can get the screws undone on mine I will be following your directions. Great job.

  2. june

    I repurposed an identical bench this summer. I used different colors but I love it and I love yours.

  3. Larissa Prodigal Pieces

    I sooo hear you, Tami! I have a similar bench that needs all new slats and is on my hit list for next summer. You rocked it!

  4. Paula@SweetPea

    Your bench looks wonderful and it's perfect in your children's playhouse. We rescued a similar bench from the trash this spring and have started to make it over. I thought I'd have to send it out to get sand blasted and painted but after seeing yours, maybe I'll try spray paint on it.

  5. Marie Blackburn

    What a great score, Tami. It looks awesome in your kid's playhouse and loving how great it pairs so nicely with your gorgeous plant pots! Pinning to share 🙂

  6. Karin Chudy

    That is the perfect color green for that bench, and I love how you showed us how to redo it!
    I won't pass one of these up next time I see one!
    Great job!

  7. Lindsay Eidahl from My Creative Days

    I love the green color you chose! It is stunning! This bench looks brand new! Nice makeover!

  8. Christy James

    Great save, Tami! Perfect in the kid's play area!

  9. Kim Jones

    Your bench makeover looks like a brand new bench! Wonderful color and great job! Know the kids will love it!

  10. Lucy Auburn

    Great save and makeover! Your garden chandelier is pretty amazing also. If you still have the old wood and aren't going to be using it, send it my way… just kidding. ;o)

  11. Wendi Wachtel

    That was a awesome save! If I could count how many times I've seen a bench like that in dire need of sturdy slats! I had no idea they could be taken apart! Great job and that's one serious playhouse too! XO -Wendi@H2OBungalow

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