Small Grey DryBrushed Accent Table

This little table has been in my family for a very long time. In fact for many years it was stored in a little old house in the country that my family used to visit many times when I was a child. Poor thing has been through quite a lot and was starting to really show its age. Rickety and almost broken, I am shocked it didn’t make its way to the burn pile. If you look close enough you will notice that even the maiden adorning the leg has lost an arm. Who knows what happened to it along the way.


Fast forward a few decades it was revealed that my sister grabbed the table and has held on to it for years. She recently asked me if I could modernize it up a bit for her and of course I agreed.


Now it looks like a completely different table.

Because of the poor shape it was in, we decided it was best to paint it. I first took it apart and re-glued and secured all of the joints with carpenter’s glue.

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My favorite is Gorilla Wood Glue. It always holds up well and cleans up well for me.

I clamped it and let it dry overnight.
I then lightly sanded the entire piece and wiped down with a tack cloth to remove any leftover debris and sawdust.
I painted the entire piece with  one coat of Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk Paint. I let it dry for about an hour and then drybrushed a final coat of Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint.
Finally I sealed it with two coats of my favorite Polycrylic by Minwax.
And now it has a more modern finish with a little farmhouse flair.


Okay let’s be honest, the one-armed maiden lady kind of creeps me out but my sister loves her as is so she’s staying that way!

Regardless of the missing arm, it looks amazing, right?
My Knockout Roses are looking pretty amazing as well!


I sent my sister pictures and she’s in love with it. whew!
I have so many more completed projects to share with you so stay tuned!
Yours truly,
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