Teen Room Chalkboard Wall Progress and Google+ Link Party

The teen room is slowly but surely moving right along.   My daughter and I have been discussing some ideas for what to draw on her wall.  She is asking that my oldest and I draw for her.  This is what we came up with:

Here are some of her requests: 
Large Tree 
Large Sun
Her Name
Baptism date
Faux Headboard 
Faux Lamp
Christmas Lights with Pictures of Friends
That’s just on one wall!
Not quite the direction that I had in mind but hey, it’s her room right?  So I obliged and did my best. 
Here is just a little peek: 
She even let Buttercup (her 5yr old sister) draw some flowers under the tree, what a sweetie!
I’ll show more pics later when I finish.   Almost there! 
Now on to business – Mommyiscoocoo Google+ Link Party Hop! 
I hope you will join us, there are lots of neat ideas out there! 
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