Black Twin Headboard Bench



I made this cute little bench awhile back for a special couple’s porch. That special couple happens to be my parents! It started out as a plain old twin bed.

It now is updated and is a sweet welcome to my mom and dad’s home…

Of course I love to show you a little bit of the build process. Just one pic for this one though because I’d like to jump right over to the finished product!

I painted it in a deep dark black and embellished it with a wood applique that  my dad painted silver.

And here it is sitting pretty on the front porch. It is a perfect fit!


I love how Mom changes up the pillows depending on the holiday or season.

Love the birds!
Here are a few similar pillows from my favorite Amazon store: (please note that I make a small commission based on sponsored sales and you receive a new cute pillow!)

I am so thankful that I get to see one of my headboard bench creations every time I visit my parents! Thanks for reading-I love sharing with you as well!

Hope you have a great week!
Yours truly,

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