Bubba’s Room {Karate Themed Boy’s Room}

Bubba has just joined a karate studio this year and has really enjoyed it.

One day out of the blue he asked me to decorate his room in a karate theme. Of course I was ecstatic that he even “considered” me decorating without me bribing him.
 I was even more excited to find out that in the upcoming month our church decor was also a karate theme – double bonus!
So if you are a regular here you will remember the karate decor that I did back in February. I like the way it turned out…and so did Bubba.
Please click over to February KidzSpace Reveal to see the entire space, Quick and Easy Karate Decor to learn how I made the gongs.
He was getting a little anxious and started the process without me.
I realized I had better get to work quick, so the moment the month was over in KidzSpace I scooped it all up and moved it all into  Bubba’s room.  Setting it all up was a snap since I pretty much had it all made up.  My DIY room projects never end up like that since it’s usually a major work in progress.  Of course Bubba is a lot easier to please so it was fairly easy!
And now on to his room!
Remember the wall hangings?  It was so easy to hang them up on the wall.  I just left the bible verse on them, I thought it would be a positive reminder and this boy needs the reminders!.
“Devoted in Love”
Honor Above Yourselves”
Excuse the ceiling fan cord right in the middle there!
(Darn, you probably didn’t see it till I mentioned it!)
The red curtains and linens were previously purchased at Tarjay. That sure did help out that they were already red!  The tan paint is only a year old and glad that was the choice I decided on, it goes with everything.  This room used to be LIME GREEN when it was my daughter’s room.  No way no more!
I love the symmetry of this room – yes I am a bit neurotic that way!

Remember the framed artwork above the window that I made out of a curbside temp gauge/clock?

Check out how ugly it was before HERE in my post titled “From the Curb to Karate Superb!”
And here is one of the walls with the gong!  See how I made them out of pizza pans HERE.
I purchased the take-out boxes for 20 cents each from our favorite Chinese restaurant.  They were leftover boxes that we stuffed with party favors at his karate themed birthday party in January.
The shelves were given a quick coat of black paint and so was the desk.  I thought it would tie in everything together a bit more.   The Lego’s are there because, well, the boy loves Lego’s and they are everywhere!!!
This was my grandmother’s old desk, please don’t tell my dad that I painted over the drawers!
I found this belt display at one of my favorite thrift shops for $15! 
Look!  Here it is at Amazon.com for a whopping $89.95!
No thanks!
Wow!  Bubba’s on orange, he’s got a little ways to go!
Wall Mountable Solid Wood 10 Belt Display
Here is the other side of the room that I sorted and sorted and sorted out Lego’s on New Years Eve and wrote about it HERE titled “Organizing Chaos {Lego Edition}
And check out the little Lego Dude Storage Frame that I made.  You can read about how I did it HERE.  That was a fun project! and so easy to do.


And finally, these are two of his favorites…his microscope where he looks up gross bug guts and whatever else intrigues boys and his cigar box that his grandfather gave to him.  He keeps his special collectible things in there. 🙂
That stool will be my next DIY victim!
Now don’t get too excited about my organizing, neurotic, symmetrical craftiness because this is how this side of the room usually looks (don’t judge!)
And here is the room again now, my “Aha” moment where I sit back and smile real big and love it!  Makes me feel good that Bubba loves it too!
I guess it HAS taken me some time to work on this room if I have working on projects for it since New Years.  Oh well, I love how it is simple decor that can easily be changed when he decides he has outgrown this phase.  Until then it sure is fun to encourage his interests by creating a space just for him to enjoy.  
That makes momma very happy!
So what do you think about the Karate Room?
Happy Treasure Hunting!

Thrifty Decor Chick

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  1. Super cute room! I have my boys room set up very similar to this. I need to finish theirs off and share sometime soon. Thanx for coming to the party!


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