Child’s Time Out Chair: TFMD

It’s Themed Furniture Makeover Day! So excited, I tell ya! This month’s theme is WORDS.

This was a fun little painting project, I sure wish I had thought about it when my kiddos were younger because it definitely was needed on many occasion! In fact, we used to have a Time Out Towel that evolved into the Time Out Spot and then the Time Out Corner. Fast forward ten years and a bit of Pinterest inspiration, search “Time Out Chairs”, I came up with my own take of the perfect little Time Out Chair.


To see the crazy Before pic and how I painted the words and letters, stick around and read more. Also be sure and scroll down to the end of my post where my DIY Furniture Makeover Girls have added their projects as well. You don’t want to miss it!

Here is what we started out with. The poor little chair was green and just needed a little love.
Lots of patching, sanding and spray paint later it has transformed into a bundle of cuteness!

I printed out the lettering on my computer, shaded out the backside of the letters with a pencil and then traced them directly on the stool. (I used painter’s tape so I would not damage the new paint, but kept everything straight) You can also achieve the same look by using this procedure. It was super easy and requires no need for a stencil. The script lettering is “Edwardian Script” and I’m unsure of the bold print, I just chose one quick and went with it. There are so many combinations, it’s endless possibilities!
Then comes the patient part; paint it slowly and carefully with a steady hand. I say that because I guess I had a bit too much caffeine and was having a hard time painting straight lines. Luckily I have lots of patience and ended us pleased with the results.
I love the red and black lettering. I think the color combination pops on the bright white!
Hey! Let’s play a game…One of These Things IS NOT Like the Other. Notice a difference in the two chairs?
I originally had the timer attached to the chair but it kept malfunctioning. I am not comfortable trying to sell the chair with it messing up and did not want to invest in another one, so ended up painting a clock instead. I still like the idea of a timer though, and one can easily be added.
Time Out
To think about the things that you do,
But always remember
I Love You.
How do you like my little Time Out Chair? I hope it inspires you to try it!
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