Dedicated to the One I Love {Lighthouse Touchup}

My Love has a thing for lighthouses.  He loves to visit them and read up on their history.
Here is one we visited at Port Isabel, Texas.

  A few years ago I gave him a lighthouse for Father’s Day.  It’s a decorative piece that stands about three feet tall.  I think it’s just made of resin so it’s light and super cute.  I cannot help but smile when I look out of our back door at night and see the little beacon light shine from across the yard.

Well it has seen better days so I just whipped out a little bit of the ole’ craft paint and touched it up a tad.

Here it is before in our back yard, faded by the sun:
About 15 minutes of time and a little bit of love it now looks like this: 
Much better now. It’s actually one of the ONLY things that I have purchased for our back yard, everything else was either found or hand-me-downs!  Even Mr. Frogger got a quick makeover!   You guessed it, I found him on the curb way back when (he was previously green! as you can see on his feet)

I laugh when I see him because he always looks like he has something very important to tell me!
Back to our light house:
The blue is much brighter and hope it will make My Love happy to see it refreshed! 
Two more days till our big luau partay!  Now what else can I spruce up?

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