Holiday Frame {from Christmas Past}

I loved making this Holiday Frame in 2011 and as I am pulling out the Christmas Decor for 2012 I have decided to share it with you again.  You can find the original post HERE.

I LOVE Frames, especially the gold and gilded ones, but for this project I decided to paint it in my favorite color red: 

Holiday Frame

I spent another afternoon in a resale shop looking for some old Christmas sweaters for my daughter, Butterfly and her friends to wear to a “Tacky Christmas Sweater Party”.  I was shocked to come across so many cute cheap tacky sweaters at almost a steal of a price! 

Hard to believe we used to wear these and thought we looked like a million bucks!  Oh don’t be shy and act like you never did!

I ended up buying all four because I couldn’t make up my mind and Butterfly was not with me.  It was either keep her and Buttercup and home or take them both while Buttercup runs around the store.  I chose to go alone!

Could not pass up this stash of frames priced at $5 and with the 50% discount I paid a whopping $2.50 for all of them.  I was excited because I love to paint them.  It’s a quick fix of instant gratification for me!
I am in love with the details and scrolls on these frames and again, just cannot pass them up!
If anyone is interested in the pictures just let me know and I will give them to you.  I am not using them.

Here is my inspiration via Pinterest, not sure of the source but promise to give it proper credit when I locate it:
Open frame idea
As you can guess by the first picture that I painted the oval frame with my favorite color red.  See original paint color HERE that I first used for my Kid Kitchen Makeover. 

Next, I embellished the frame with ribbons and bells from
Dollar Tree.
Butterfly told me it looked terrible, what does she know!?  and did I ask for her opinion anyway? yes I did but that’s besides the point.

I think it’s cute and I will just leave her in charge of the baking around here since she is so fantastic at it and I can burn a PB&J sandwich, this is her creation from today:
P.S.  I made the little cake stand from a 25cent garage sale candle base and a 25 cent charger = 50cents baby!
So what do you think about the Holiday Frame?  
Success or Failure?

Again, let me remind you that this was a post from last year.  I have since then officially decided to not try to cook, like EVER!  don’t volunteer me to cook, don’t ask me to cook and just know that I still love you but will be happy to visit our local bakery or deli to whip up something good for us!
I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday week!


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  1. I loved our ugly sweater party ..Your going to have a blast.. and I love the frames.. OMGOSH .. I love them .. I blogged about frames not long ago… I love the door decor you made.. OMGOSH you make me want to break out the glue gun or paint everytime I read your blog…. Have a happy and blessed WEEK my sweet friend !!!!!!!!!!!


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