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I am pretty proud of myself this weekend.  We had a great evening with friends, entertained 10 young boys at Bubba’s Karate Party, great time visiting with family, and church services to round off the weekend.   With all that going on
Lego Dude Storage DIY Tutorial via Curb Alert! blog

I was able to squeeze in a little bit of house cleaning and completed two projects!  Oh and I almost forgot I also found some pretty awesome things on the curb!  I cannot wait to share.  Until then I will show you the little shelf I made for Bubba’s Lego Dudes.  After playing with the legos for hours pretending like I was organizing sorting out Legos, (check out my “Organizing Chaos Lego Edition” HERE)  I found tons of these little guys:
Lego Dude Storage DIY Tutorial via Curb Alert! blog
I recall the boys always digging and digging trying to locate the dudes so I wanted to make something to store them all in one place, while making it appealing to my decorating eyes.   I love the idea of putting them in little boxed shelves and online they run a little pricey.
 21 Souvenir Shot Glass...
This particular Display Case online runs about $39.99 and does not quite have enough units to work for the little Dudes. A light bulb went off in my head and I remembered that I still have this unused display case, paints and some foam board just sitting in my closet.  It’s worth a try to see if it will work!  (As you can see by the dust, my closet is in pristine clean  mint condition it has been sitting in there quite awhile)
I pulled out the shadowbox insert backing, accidentally broke the glass.  Oh well, I didn’t really need the glass in there anyway.  I am not going to explain much more as I am sure you can figure it out pretty easily how I did it by the pictures.
 Now I am no master woodworking builder so I figured a glue gun would do the trick.
And here it is in Bubba’s room.  With a little bit of paint and patience the case turned out exactly as I imagined.  The Lego Dudes do not weigh but a wee tad, so the foam board works perfect!
Lego Dude Storage DIY Tutorial via Curb Alert! blog
They are now prepared for their close-up photo op…..
Lego Dude Storage DIY Tutorial via Curb Alert! blog
…..or for battle, or adventure or whatever Bubba and his friends decide.
Lego Dude Storage DIY Tutorial via Curb Alert! blog
Lego Dude Storage DIY Tutorial via Curb Alert! blog
I love these kind of projects, and although I could probably just go out and buy it, I get a real satisfaction out of taking the challenge to do it myself.   Tell me what you think!
Wow!  gotta go.  My girlfriend just called and told me to go check out a cute desk on the side of the road only a few neighborhoods over.  It’s worth a try!  Gotta love my friends that know about my little secret and enable encourage me to keep on doing what I enjoy!
Happy Treasure Hunting!
~ Tami
P.S.  I am updating this post to let you know that I got a big ole “Awesome!” from Bubba and his friends today.  They love the Lego Dude Storage! … and I am now the proud owner of that cute little desk!  Thanks GirlFriend!!!




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  1. Great idea – my son's favorite thing about legos is the lego guys. I should make something like this so he can find them all easily.

  2. What a cute idea!! I have seen several Lego ideas recently and need to get my boys going on on some since they are older now and tend to keep everything together instead of tearing um apart 10 minutes after they are built.


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