Organizing Chaos {Closet Edition}

Yep, still organizing!  This time it is the coat closet.  As you may already know, I live in Houston and the weather is closer to 100 degrees a lot more often than it’s near 32!

We own tons of rain jackets and fleece jackets but rarely break out the big coats.  We stored all of them in this closet ( I started to pull out a few before I remembered to take a picture) so this is at about the half-way point, they are usually shoved all in there both hanging and on the floor.

 I can count on my fingers how many times I have really needed a coat.  Plus we all have ample closet space to store our coats but we don’t have as much space to store these:
Well we actually have space but there were a few games in each kiddo’s closet and someone (I won’t name names but he/she gets super possessive and territorial when others break into said his/her room to grab a game.  I decided out with the coats and in with the games!
MyLove already had some boards cut down so all I had to do was trim them with a jigsaw and trim the side boards and nail them up.  Very easy.  Now this is not a pretty decorating blog so if you are expecting a beautiful “Big Reveal” well you just may be disappointed.  I just wanted to get them all organized and got anxious to show you so I sorted out the games, gave a few to GoodWill and neatly placed them on the shelves.
I really should have finished it off by trimming and painting the shelves since it faces our front door.
Here is our front door:
…and here is the closet again.  I added some Subway Art Printables to the inside of the door just to cutesy it up a little in case the door was left open.
 And here is a closeup of the printouts.  I am a little technically challenged when it comes to sharing the printables or else I would have linked them up for you here.  I am lucky enough to figure out how to download them in order to print them out!
I can’t hurt to have constant subliminal messages reminding the kiddos to play fair and share. 
And now it is our official Game Closet!  All neat and organized.  How long do you think it will last?  I give it two weeks like my thoughts on my attempt to organize Legos! – see HERE! .  Thanks for checking it out.
Finally on to a subject I love…Curb Alert!  I found so much this morning that my car was full.  I cannot believe it after all of the torrential downpour of rain last night and my complaining in my last post!  It never ceases to amaze me.  I will share that with you in a few days.  I had a hard enough time shoving into the garage in the rain this morning, there was no way I could take pictures 🙂
Happy Treasure Hunting!
~ Tami  

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