Organizing Chaos {Lego Edition}

I have a love-hate relationship with Legos.  The kids love them and are entertained for hours playing with them but the mess…oh the mess and I hate finding them EVERYWHERE.  We need a system!

Legos have always been in our family since we had our first child almost 17 years ago.  We have accumulated quite the collection and now more than ever because Bubba LOVES lego kits and anything involved with Legos…Lego Wii games, Lego DS games, Lego Magazine, Lego Websites, Lego Camps, Lego Exhibits, Lego Candy and the Lego Store!

Lego Robotics Camp

NASA Lego Exhibit

This is not a pic of his room but just to give you an idea.

His room is usually covered in Legos and multiple Lego projects going on at one time.  After a recent tooth fairy incident that caused some injury after the tooth fairy stepped on one of those darn things in the dark, I decided once and for all that we must instill some type of organizing system!
Check it out!

For this project I had in mind a system that Jen did over at I Heart Organizing.  She has fabulous organizing ideas and her home is like heaven for my OCD brain. Go check it out when you are finished reading my blog, of course.
Take a look and what she came up with for her kiddos lego storage:

Pinned Image

The labels are fun and fantastic and I am sure it really inspires her kids to spend many hours working on awesome Lego creations.  Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post Organizing Chaos {Kitchen Edition}, I don’t want to spend much money on this and my first priority is to use my resources and clean up!

Lego Candy he got for Christmas

I purchased an additional dresser last year for $30 from a neighbor (our 10th dresser-there is a need for storage w/6 of us!).  It was originally a baby-changing table but it matches Bubba’s existing furniture so I did not hesitate to purchase it at that price.   I moved his clothes to his closet and dumped out all of his lego bins.

This is Jen’s kids lego bins as I dove right in to this project without taking a before picture.
Anyway I sorted and sorted and sorted from what started out as a small project and turned into hours and hours of sorting!  I actually had fun and enjoyed it  painstaking tedious sorting I tell ya!  And this is how it turned out:

The drawers already had the glass inserts so it worked out perfectly!
I sorted them by color and these are all of the Legos that didn’t make the cut for the final masterpieces. 
Black and Gray from the Star Wars Collection:

Tan/White and Browns from the Harry Potter Collection:

And primary colors from the Lego City Collection:

There’s even space for his Instruction Books and Lego Magazines:

Not too bad for a $30 dresser!

The Lego Table that MyLove built for him compliments it perfectly.  Bubba has already spent hours and hours building on this table.  The top of it is a Lego sheet!
My friend pinned this website on her Pinterest the other day, I think it’s worth taking a look into just to revive those old Lego parts and give them new life! 
And Finally what to do with all of the Lego Men that I found.
This is my idea (well someone else’s idea on Pinterest)  Should be easy enough, now if I could convince someone to give up their golf ball or shot glass collection display!  Maybe I will score one on the side of the road, I’ll keep my eyes out!
And there you have it.  My brain is clutter free for the moment.  I am wondering how long it will last? I give it about a week! Doesn’t matter, for now Bubba is happy and can find whatever Lego’s he need and I can feel a little calmer the next time I walk into his room!
As if you didn’t get enough of our Lego-mania, I leave you with pics of a few of his creations:

Thanks for sorting out the Lego Dilemma with me 🙂
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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11 thoughts on “Organizing Chaos {Lego Edition}”

  1. What perfect timing with this post! We have been looking for organization ideas for my daughters lego collection. So far we have them sorted in clear plastic shoe boxes but they are really too small and they are everywhere. Love your use of the dresser 🙂

  2. You have quite an inventor in your family…oops, two or three inventors! Lego master mind along with his two side kicks, Daddy table maker and Momma being Momma. Great job by all!

  3. Oh Tami do you remember when I sorted our legos out? Fast forward 4 years and they are all mixed up again. Ugh. I thought they looked really cute all sorted by color. Oh well.

  4. What great organizing ideas for those little buggers. My standards must not have been high enough, I was just glad to get thru the day without stepping on one in my bare feet or vacuuming one up. I vacuumed up Luke Skywalker once and I thought my son would never forgive me. Those where the good old days.


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