Organizing Chaos {Kitchen Edition}

I admit that I do a lot of curbshopping, hence the name Curb Alert!, there’s no denying that..but I am not sure if you realize that behind the scenes of the brave curbdigger  dustiness- I am a bit of a clean freak! 

So as you can image the hustle and bustle of all of the Christmas messiness gets me a little frazzled.  All of the Christmas wrappings, decorations, it just adds to all of the mess that we already have in everyday life with four kids.  

I love the excitement and laughter as the kiddos tear open gifts and play for days with no worries of homework, real schedules or school activities but there comes a point when I have to admit
It. Drives. Me. Crazy!!!
It makes me go into hyper-sensory overload and my neurotic mind gets a little psycho.
 We had a fabulous Christmas, don’t get me wrong but who ends up dealing with all of this mess? Yep, you’re looking at her…ME! So I have taken the week off from doing my favorite thing of working on my curbside/crafty finds and prioritizing my time in getting my house back in order. 
I work really hard to re-organize it all but it seems to just be piled everywhere and the clean up effort goes on for days and days!
Let me tell you (I cannot believe I am going to show you this) but there are times when I get home and am welcomed by this sight!!! Just keeping it real here, folks – please don’t judge.  Oh My Holy Goodness, what exploded in my kitchen!  MyLove is in luck that I caught him doing the dishes or there were be a few more choice words to share!#!  Cr@p! Now what?  :/

Seriously!  All of this for homemade pizza and pizza rolls! 
Has anyone ever heard of Totino’s!?! 
**I am just teasing, MyLove!  He loves to cook, me-not so much! *
I had to forgive him though since he made a special heart-kinda shaped one for me:
And bought me some flowers.
I’m quietly thinking:  “just eat and smile and forget the mess, forget the mess, forget the mess!”
I must forget the mess……..for now!  Well for now turned into days but Hello 2012, back to reality!
Anyway, now that the kiddos are finally back in school I have had visions to get to work first on cleaning and organizing my kitchen.  I am in love with a system like over at House of Smiths.  Isn’t that pantry a dream?
All I can say is Amazing!
Well I really didn’t want to spend any money a total makeover so I just spruced it up a bit…very little bit. Here it is.  I really just lined up most of the boxes and quit.  Good enough for me, there was just too much else I needed to tend to.
Not too bad.  Then I moved on to the spice cabinet.  I would show you a before picture but it was pretty bad.  Just imagine every time you open the door all of the piled up spices falling on you.  That’s about how it looked. 
And here it is now:
Have I ever mentioned how I like to label things? I just printed these off of the computer and taped them to the front.
Pretty good for my F.R.E.E. budget!
Ahhhhh, so much better – Breathe…and Exhale!  I can totally find everything now.   And finally moving on to the rest of the kitchen.  My neurotic brain is starting to feel a bit of calm.  Especially since it is MY space, I spend a lot of time in here so it makes me feel peaceful to have it clean and neat once again!

So what do you think?   Have you started on any organizing projects this year?
Tomorrow I will share with you another project where my OCD kicked into high gear!
Until then…Happy Treasure Hunting!
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1 thought on “Organizing Chaos {Kitchen Edition}”

  1. I'm right there with you! In the middle of working on two craft projects (one of them being a half painted piece of furniture in my front hall)I had to stop & clean the house! It looked like a bomb went off….maybe it's the 4 kids thing??? I managed to get all of the Christmas stuff down & put away, even the outdoor light…all by myself. The house is much better now, except for the furniture I'm working on in the middle of the floor :).
    On another note…I have the same barstools & table set. and……my hubby cooks me homemade pizza almost every weekend too……….our similarities are starting to get weird…..


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